Pinnacles of Trona

The Pinnacles of Trona is just outside of Death Valley California. This was once an ancient lake bed. The pinnacles are formed from ancient hot sprints that crack through the lake floor to combine with the mineral rich waters forming calcium carbonate. The Pinnacles are huge!

This was a very popular location for sci-fi movies back before everything went greenscreen. You'll likely recognize it from many Star Trek episodes. I think they even shot some of 'Pitch Black' here as well. It's no wonder Hollywood was the center hub for the filmmaking industry. There are so many great locations like this around southern California. It's too bad everything is now digital C.G.

Pinnacles of Trona. The Amazing Pinnacles of Trona near Death Valley California. These Pinnacles were created in an ancient lake bed that once sat here. It was blindingly bright the day I took this photo. I really was wishing for some clouds or some weather but it was too perfect of a day for photography. These pinnacles are also much larger than they look.


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