Sunset at Solana Beach

When I lived in San Diego this was one of the main beaches I would surf at. Every year it seems San Diego gets more and more crowded and more of the cities are trying to doing the L.A. thing where they put a parking meter next to any place that could possibly fit a car. This is one of the last beaches I know of where there is still relatively easy to find parking in the middle of the summer that's free. The spots known as Cherry Hill located directly behind Frogs Gym. And in the winter you can get some great sunsets and there are many abandoned stair ways that once led up to the houses on the cliffs above that you can take photos around. Like this one. Except this one was still in use.  

Today's Photo

Sunset at Solana Beach CaliforniaThis is my old surf spot back when I lived in San Diego. This area is kind of a secret spot known as Cherry Hill. It's right behind Frogs Gym in Solana Beach. It's really one of the few places left in San Diego where you can still find free parking in the summer.


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