Sunset at Tanah Lot

This view is from behind Tanah Lot while looking out into the ocean as the sun began its decent. We were sitting at a restaurant eating a quick dinner / snack and having some drinks while I took this photo. I was literally at our dinner table when I took this. Pretty cool view hu?

To process this photo I cheated. It wasn't really sunset. Probably still and hour or two before sunset. But I used textures, color and lighting to make it feel more like sunset. Thus the name, Sunset at Tanah Lot. I find textures really help those midday shots when the sky and clouds aren't doing anything interesting. It's a great way to add drama and give the scene a whole new life.

I also lied. I wasn't literally at our dinner table when I took this. I was one table over because we wanted to eat in the shade. The sun was bright. But close enough. 🙂 

Sunset at Tanah Lot – Bali Indonesia

Sunset at Tanah Lot. The beautiful view from behind Tanah Lot facing towards the sun. One of the seven amazing sea temples around Bali.


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