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Sony A7rII / A7sII New Firmware – XAVC Recording with SDHC Cards

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Sony has issued a new firmware for the Sony A7rII and A7sII that will now allow XAVS S video to be recording on SDHC memory cards.

Before you had to have SDXC memory cards, or memory cards larger than 64GB to record XAVC or 4k video on Sony cameras.

I’ve seen people trick their cameras into using SDHC memory cards before so it was always plausible that this feature could work.

Sony cameras are notoriously bad at dealing with memory cards and what update tells us is that Sony is finally looking at the way their cameras interface with memory cards and improving upon them.

Hopefully there are more improvements behind the scenes that fix the compatibility issues Sony cameras randomly have with memory cards, figures crossed. Update: It does not.

This could also mean we’ll see this same update roll out into all of Sony’s other 4k cameras.

Firmware Release Notes

See the official firmware notes


Download Firmware

Sony A7rII / ILCE-7RM2: Firmware 3.20

Sony A7sII / ILCE-7SM2: Firmware 2.10

Best 4K SD Memory Card For Sony A7s II

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A speed comparison between all the most popular SD memory cards in the Sony A7s II.

Use this guide to find the best memory cards for 4k video and for your style of shooting.

Must Have Accessories | Sony A7II / A7rII / A7sII

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If you’re a Sony owner like myself you might know that there are some really cool accessories and gear you can get for your Sony A7ii that will help you protect your camera and personalize it to your style of shooting.

Here is a list of some really great gear you should consider if you own a Sony A7ii, Sony A7rii or A7sii.

Sony FE Lenses – The Ultimate List

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Sony FE E Mount Native Lens List

Over the last year Sony has really worked hard on updating its E mount lens lineup. It’s something that they seem to take very serious and if you’re an owner of a Sony A7, A7r, or A7s you are very fortunate.

Since there seems to be a new lens every few months, I’ve decided to keep a consolidated list of all available native full frame E mount lenses.

I was about to update my metabones adapter to the MK IV but now, I think that money would be better spent on new glass.

See the list. There are surprisingly a lot of lenses now.