Yosemite’s Half Dome – Now In Color!

Earlier this year I went to the Yosemite Half Dome. I was still more of a hobby photographer back then not really taking it serious, just shooting for fun. And unfortunately I didn't shoot a single HDR photo.

Lately I've started using some new editing software like Nik's Color Efex Pro 4. (Now owned by Google) This software far exceeds Lightroom 4.2 with it's abilities to really enhance landscapes. It has great tools like Detail Extractor and Sunlight which you can use to add brilliance and a nice yellow glow. Essential for shots like this. The only draw back is it sucks. It has a great interface but is painfully slow and crashes CONSTANTLY. So editing photos like this can take 1-2 hours. Sometimes it can go a little quicker if you already know what you're going for and have pre built recipes. Which kind of happens naturally since you always want to save your settings before rending which causes the crashes. Or trick I started doing while using this software is to work on the photos while doing other things. Make an adjustment, watch TV, make another adjustment, clip your toe nails. Actually what I've learned to do is apply some of the processor heavy effects, render it, then bring it back in. Makes using it a little better. I am kind of wondering if it is just my computer. I can't seem to get some other plugins in Lightroom to work at all. Like any of the Topaz tools. 

I posted earlier this year of Yosemite's Half Dome but they were black and white. I just didn't know what to do with them in color or how to really enhance them until now. 

So here it is Yosemite's Half Dome, now in Technicolor. 

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