Best 4K SD Memory Card For Sony A7s II

I’ve compiled a list of all the fastest memory cards for the Sony A7s II. Use this list as a guide to decide which card you need depending on the brand you like. Some cards just don’t work for some cameras so always make sure you buy your memory card from a place with a good return policy, and test it immediately.


Best SD Memory Cards For The Sony A7s II

These are the results from the Sony A7s II. When doing the memory speed test it runs a little slower than some of the other A7 cameras. My guess is because the RAW files are smaller so it takes more of them to fill the buffer requiring a bit more information processing. 

Also, note that all of these cards worked when shooting 4k 100M video except the Samsung cards. This might have been some strange fluke because usually only the U3 cards consistently work with the Sony cameras. Maybe I got a good copy of the Sony A7s II that just happens to like all my cards. I’m noticing different copies of Sony cameras sometimes work with some cards but not with others, which leads me to believe that the famous problem where Sony 4k video does not work with some memory card is actually a problem with the cameras, not the cards.

If you have trouble getting cards working, try a few different brands until you find one that works. You can also try to reset the camera to factory default, that works sometimes as well, then test your card, and update firmware.

USB 3.0 write speeds are done with Crystal Disk on Windows 8 using the Lexar SR2 memory card reader. My Fastest performing memory card reader from my best memory card reader comparison.

SD Memory Cards USB 3.0 Read USB 3.0 Write 4K Video 100M Sony A7sII Write Speeds See Price
Lexar 64GB SDXC 2000x 280.9 MB/s 181.4 MB/s Yes 29.88 MB/s AmazonAdorama
Toshiba 64GB SDXC 238.5 MB/s 199.7 MB/s Yes 29.06 MB/s Amazon
Lexar 64GB 1000x SDXC 145.0 MB/s 60.7 MB/s Yes 28.03 MB/s AmazonAdorama
Sandisk Extreme Pro SDXC 64GB 257.3 MB/s 109.9 MB/s Yes 27.74 MB/s AmazonAdorama
Sandisk Extreme 64GB U3 71.3 MB/s 52.1 MB/s Yes 29.31 MB/s AmazonAdorama
Kingston 64GB Class U3 88.1 MB/s 74.3 MB/s Yes 29.23 MB/s AmazonAdorama
Sandisk Extreme Plus 64GB U3 88.9 MB/s 62.0 MB/s Yes 29.22 MB/s AmazonAdorama
Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB U3 89.0 MB/s 84.7 MB/s Yes 29.15 MB/s AmazonAdorama
Samsung Pro 64GB U1 86.8 MB/s 77.2 MB/s No 28.94 MB/s AmazonAdorama
Lexar 633 64GB U3 85.6 MB/s 61.2 MB/s Yes 28.26 MB/s Amazon
PNY 64GB U1 86.1 MB/s 54.5 MB/s Yes 28.21 MB/s Amazon
Lexar 600x 64GB U1 86.5 MB/s 61.7 MB/s Yes 28.12 MB/s AmazonAdorama
PNY 64GB U3 87.9 MB/s 61.6 MB/s Yes 27.80 MB/s Amazon
Sony 64GB U3 87.2 MB/s 71.9 MB/s Yes 27.29 MB/s Amazon
Transcend 64GB U3 87.7 MB/s 64.1 MB/s Yes 27.08 MB/s AmazonAdorama
Samsung 64GB SDXC EVO U1 43.9 MB/s 22.7 MB/s No 22.83 MB/s Amazon

As you can see all cards seem to run very close to the same speed. However, this doesn’t mean all these cards will work for 4k 100M video.

Memory Card Requirements For 4k 100M Video With The Sony A7s II

SDXC Memory Card – Meaning 64GB+

UHS-I or UHS-II – Although you won’t see any benefit of using UHS-II cards in camera.

U3 – You should really be using U3 cards now, although most of new U1 cards work as well. But I wouldn’t recommend U1.


From the speed test and video tests with all of Sony’s other cameras, all my U3 memory cards work fine for me. However, I get many emails and comments with people reporting certain cards that should work don’t work. I’ve actually seen the problem happen with every type of memory card now so it seems to be random.

Here are a few cards that I’ve had the least report as not working in any of their Sony 4k cameras .


Best SD Memory Cards For The Sony A7s II

Based on my experience and user feedback here are the best cards for your Sony A7s II.


Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB SDXC U3 UHS-I – (Amazon) (Adorama)

Transcend 64Gb SDXC U3 UHS-I – (Amazon) (Adorama)

Sony 64GB SDXC U3 UHS-I – (Amazon)

Lexar 64GB 633 U3 UHS-I (Amazon)


4k Recording Times

I get a lot of people asking me how big of a card they need to record a certain amount of time for video.

I shot 4k 100M video and one minute of recording gave me about 767MB. Bit rates can of course vary depending on what your filming, ISO etc. So this is just an estimate. You should be able to get a little over an hour of recording with a 64GB memory card.

1 Hour: 46020MB or 46GB

2 Hours: 92040MB or 92GB


Sony A7S2 Firmware 2.10

Firmware 2.10 adds support for the XAVC codec to be recording to SDHC memory cards. Read more here. While the firmware does give support for 32GB memory cards, the camera still has issues with some compatible U3 cards not registering correctly. This means buying memory cards for 4k 100M is still a crapshoot. And if you buy a memory card for the A7sII that does not work, your only option is to exchanging for a different card, or possibly a different brand.


Sony A7s II Best Memory Card Conclusions

It seems I had pretty good luck with most of my cards working with 4K 100M video on the Sony A7s II. I would still stay away from U1 cards and you also don’t need UHS-II cards since the camera does not use that type of interface. Most Sony cameras also seem to still use a USB 2.0 interface to read and write to the cards which is why they perform so slow compared to all other cameras on the market.

I still think the best / most reliable cards are the Sandisk, Lexar and Transcend cards. Although I have heard that Sony cards are just OEM Sandisk cards. But maybe lower end cards as they never seem to perform quite as well.