Fujifilm JPEG With The Raw Converter

There is a new workflow I’ve been experimenting with. I know on my Fujifilm X100T review and various other articles I mention how good Fujifilm JPEG is and how I often shoot Raw+JPEG or just JPEG and have recommended other photographers to do the same. Well this week I started on something new; shooting just RAW and using the in-camera RAW converter to make my JPEGs out of the photos I like.

When you shoot just JPEG you’re bound to how the camera was setup, and if you shoot just RAW and don’t make your JPEG in camera, you have to rely on Iridient or Lightroom to simulate the look which ends up never being quite the same. You can see here in my RAW+JPEG comparison.

This new workflow has been a lot of fun because it allows you to make as many JPEGs as you want out of the single RAW and you can tweak everything from the film simulator, highlights and shadows, sharpness, colors or even doing some push and pull processing.

Here are some samples of JPEG I’ve made that are SOOC (straight out of camera) with no other post work on them. Including the one above.



Solvang – X100T

The weather was doing a lot for me here but it still is a testimony to how great and unique the in-camera colors can be when shooting with Fujifilm and what you can very simply do with the tools provided (no I am not affiliated with Fujifilm). In the future who knows, we’ll probably be able to install Photoshop into our cameras. But until then, this is a lot of fun and I hope Fujifilm continues to develop and enhance this feature over the years.


For the color photos here I used Velvia or Provia. For the black and white I believe they were B&W+R. I usually max sharpness and add some softness to the highlights and make the shadows a little bit harder.




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