Must Have Accessories For The Sony RX1R II

Must Have Accessories For The Sony RX1R II

With its size and fixed lens, expect the Sony RX1R II to become a very popular camera among accessory designers. It’s a little early still to see all the good stuff, but expect that all to surface soon.

This camera is the coolest thing I’ve seen from Sony yet and I’ll be watching it very closely. This list is a collection of some of my favorite accessories I use on all my cameras, with a few Sony RX1M2 specifics.



Screen Protectors, Batteries & Memory Cards


Sony RX1R II Screen Protectors

Sony screens are delicate little things so it’s very important to get a screen protector. 

Expert Shield also makes a great screen protector with a lifetime warranty. Hopefully they make the matte protector for this camera.

Expert Shield Crystal Clear Screen ProtectorAmazon

Expert Shield Glass Screen ProtectorAmazon



Sony RX1R II Batteries

The  RX1RII uses the same batteries as many of the other Sony compact cameras, the NP-BX1.

Many of the third party batteries work great, some even as good as the official Sony batteries, just make sure you always charge your batteries with the Sony chargers or in the Camera. Myself and many others have had bad experiences with third party battery chargers charging the batteries too fast giving them an unstable charge which will cause random power outs on your camera or corrupt batteries. 

If this happens to you just cycle the battery a few times in a Sony charger and all will be good.

Sony NP-BX1Amazon

2-Pack Wasabi NP-BX1Amazon


Sony RX1R II Memory Cards

Out of all the Sony cameras I’ve tested the story is the same. They use a USB 2.0 interface and speeds bottleneck at around 33MB-35MB/s. You would think this would mean most memory cards would work since they all rate faster than that, however that’s doesn’t seem to be the case.

To shoot XAVC S video and especially if you want to shoot 4k, you must use a SDXC U3 class memory card. You won’t gain any benefit from using UHS-II memory cards and Sony has yet to take advantage of that. 

Since I do a lot of these lists and ratings I get a lot of user feedback which allows me to keep track of cards that I have been working very well for people.

These are the memory cards that should give you the least trouble in the Sony RX1R II, according to feedback I get. And of course, I own all these cards and they all work great for me as well.


Check out the memory card speed chart to find the best memory card for the RX1R II

I recommend sticking with the Sony card if you plan on shooting video. The Old Model actually runs a little faster for some reason.

Sony 64GB SDXC UHS-I U3 Old ModelAmazon

Sony 64GB SDXC UHS-I U3 New Model Amazon

Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB UHS-I U3 – Amazon



Body Accessories

Soft Shutter Release

The Sony RX1R II does accept soft shutter releases. Something I’ve come to really love on my other cameras. There are a few out there that I’ve tried, the cheap 10mm ones by Neewer and Fotasy. You can buy these for cheap, you’ll lose them but they are easy to replace.

The other brand I use and recommend is the Lensmate, they are much nicer and have a rubber washer that keep it tight on the camera. I’ve yet to have mine fall off.

Neewer 10mm Soft Shutter Release – (Amazon)

Lensmate Anodized Soft Shutter Release – (Amazon)


Grip Cases

The Sony RX1R II is a very nimble camera so it’s never a bad idea to add a little extra grip. There are usually some great grips made by Sony as well as third party companies. I’ve yet to see any specifically designed for this camera, I would expect to see a battery grip too. 


Half Cases

I personally prefer half cases over grips, because I like the added protection they can provide. There are a few brands I like and a few that look really nice. But of them only Gariz has leather half cases available.

Gariz Half Leather Case RX1R IIAmazon




Sony RX1R II Camera Straps

There are basically three types of straps with three types of configurations. Leather straps, nylon straps, and wrist straps. You can connect them at the bottom of the camera, at the top of the camera or just on one eyelet as a wrist strap. Although many of the full straps might be too big for the RX1R II, there are some smaller full straps that will work.


Best Handmade Leather Straps

Probably my favorite leather strap is either the LeicaTime Deluxe strap, or the HardGraft ReProcess strap. But Tap & Dye do make a nice strap as well. (I just want you to know I get zero commission for linking to these leather straps. But HardGraft sometimes sends me stuff to review.)

A lot of these might actually be too big for this camera, but many of these brands make some other great straps you should check out.

HardGraft Leather I love their Re-Process strap.

LeicaTime Deluxe (click Luigi’s straps on the left, then scroll down for a mile until you find some cool configurations. Buying from this website is a little bit like cracking the Mayan code, but it can be done)

Tap&DyeTap&Dye (They have a lot of straps. I’ve only used their L E G A C Y leather camera fixed length neck/shoulder strap – Porter.) It’s really nice.



Factory Made Straps

Handmade leathers straps are usually a little bit expensive. So if you’re looking for just a strap that’s better than what comes with the camera I’ve found a few I like. Custom SLR makes some really nice stuff now and they even offer a leather strap. Their straps are also cool because they can connect to the bottom of your camera with a C-Loop that also allows you to take the strap on and off quickly.

Custom SLR Slim Strap – Amazon You’ll need to buy a C-Loop Mini to go with this.

    – C-Loop Mini Amazon

Gariz StrapsAmazon They make a decent factory made leather strap. They’re fine for the price.


Wrist Straps

These smaller straps are probably better suited for the RX1R II.


HardGraft Slide Camera Wrist




Cleaning Supplies

You can never have too many cleaning cloths. These get dirty and stop working well on lenses, so it’s nice to always have a fresh backup.

(6 Pack) MagicFiber® Premium Microfiber Cleaning Cloths – (Amazon)


These are great for cleaning sensors or those small cracks in the camera.

Rocket Air Small – (Amazon)

Rocket Air Medium – (Amazon)




Sony RX1R II Accessories Conclusions

The Sony RX1R II is a great camera that is pretty ahead of its time. With the proper care and some great accessories, this camera should be amazing well into the future. 

I’ll continue to update this list as I find new gear. I’m still trying to find the right cases for a camera this small, and I’m waiting for more half cases to become available.


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