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Duck Hunt

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Latest video. It's a parody on duck hunt my buddy Xtian and I shot last week.  We are very happy with the way it turned out and the response we

Apples to Apples on ddayhollywood

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Finished a short for the youtube channel      Shot on the Canon 5Dmkii with the 24-70mm f2.8L lens. And mainly only two lights. An arri 650watt and a CFL. 

My 2011 Editor Reel

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My 2011 Editor Reel My Latest Reel from the last three to four years of work. Includes work from Game Trailers, Game TV Spots, Network Promos and Interstitials.    In

Compressor serial number invalid Issues

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Compressor serial number invalid Issues. If you ever have problems with compressor telling you your serial number is invalid make sure you completely uninstall it then reinstall it. It’s a

The Ultimate Indi Setup

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Content was wildly outdated so this post has been removed. Perhaps one day I will rework this and keep it updated and relevant. 

Best Audio Recorder for the Canon 5D mkii

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Best Audio Recorder for the Canon 5D mkii Recently I was on the look out for the best audio recorder for the Canon 5d mkII or for any DSLR in

KassemG Venice Shoot

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Check out the latest KassemG Exclusive Interview on youtube here Kassem is a pretty funny and cool guy and in my opinion one of the more talented Youtubers out there.

C-Loop – Camera strap mount solution

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Here is something that I've recently discovered that I find handy.  After always getting annoying by my camera strap, especially when shooting video I've ended up just taking it off

Using Compressor Droplets to convert your DSLR footage

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Using Compressor Droplets to convert your DSLR footage. Dealing with DSLR footage seems to be a challenge for many people.  I’ve had several people ask already how to deal with

Fixing the General Error with Final Cut Pro

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Every once in awhile while working in Final Cut Pro I’ll get a general error.  It doesn’t happen enough for me to ever remember exactly what causes it.  It could