Kintai-kyo of Japan

The Kintai Bridge of Iwakuni Japan. The ancients built this thing in 1673 so that I could photographic it some 300 years later. Pretty awesome of them to do that for me. It's also that style of Japanese Architecture where no nails were used. Just interlocking wood pieces. I made sure to do the ol push on it with my foot to test it's strength before walking across it. But only after paying the $3 toll.

I stayed at the hotel just across the street in Iwakuni Japan. It's not every day they light it blue like this so it was a rare occasion to get to see it and photograph it like this. I forget why it was lit blue. Some celebration or something. 

I love this old Japanese architecture style, and the history of the Kintai Bridge is pretty cool. You should check it out on Wikipedia if you want to know more.


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