Kintai-Kyo Bridge

This is another angle of the Kintai-Kyo bridge in Japan from the night I stayed there. I really like this place. It would be fun to go in the spring when the cherry blossoms are blooming. 

I achieved the look of this photo from some of my recipes in Color Efex Pro and one of my new Lightroom Presets. I've been working on a bunch new Lightroom presets. I got 25 now that I really like and am testing for consumer release. I think people will really like them. Still want to add a few more looks and want to refine a bit more then I'll release them hopefully this month. Just need a few days off work to get everything ready. 

Today's Photo

Kintai-Kyo JapanThis several hundred year old bridge is located in Iwakuni Japan. Originally an all wood structure. No nails were used. Later stone was used to reinforce and I think nails are used now to attach the planks to the top that we walk on. It looks peaceful but was near freezing when I took this.See this photo at


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