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Fixing the General Error with Final Cut Pro

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Every once in awhile while working in Final Cut Pro I’ll get a general error.  It doesn’t happen enough for me to ever remember exactly what causes it.  It could

FCP to After Effects solutions

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Something I deal with all the time is trying to bring footage into After Effects from Final Cut Pro.   FCP to After Effects solutions.   There are several ways to

Monkey Fun

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Monkey Fun from Alik Griffin on Vimeo So I was messing around with my 5DmkII in Japan and put together this little montage. Monkey Fun was probably one of the

Time-lapse with the Canon 5D Mkii

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After picking up a Canon 5D or any DSLR you might notice there is no built in camera controls for shooting timelapse. Being new to timelapse photography this was quite

DSLR Footage and Redraw workflows with FCP’s Log and Transfer.

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DSLR Footage and Redraw workflows with FCP’s Log and Transfer. After shooting a film on the Red, and worked with red footage on several Gaming Branding Entertainment videos, trailers and is now my active blog.

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I’ve recently decided to convert my site work and demo reel page into a blog. My purpose of doing this is to post the information I learn and find about