Looking Down the Takachiho Gorge

This shot is from higher up the path that goes along the side of the Takachiho Gorge in Japan. When I was taking this photo there was actually this old Japanese dude shooting the Manai Falls with a film camera with some nice Pentax lenses. It's nice seeing old school photographers like that still shooting film. It kind of makes me want to get out my old film camera and play around with it for a couple days to see what I can come up with. I own a a Canon so I think it will still accept all my EOS mount lenses. 

I'm actually still waiting for Canon to release a D800 competitor. I know you can't really compare the 5Dmkii or mkiii to the Nikon D800 since they are purposed completely different, but for this style of photography I'd like to have more megapixels. And mainly because it would be nice to crop in more on some shots and still be able to produce decent prints.


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