The Rolling Rice Fields of Bali

This is taken on the 800 meter hike to the Sari Organik Cafe in the middle of the Rice Fields of Bali. It was quite a hike that I did in sandals, injuring my foot in the process. But, well worth it. I got some many great shots from this hike it was one of those lucky times of day where the clouds were doing something interesting. 

I'm not really sure if it's good or bad, but I do a lot of handheld HDR photography. This was one of them. The only disadvantage I can directly see from doing this is you can't shoot at the really high apertures or even long exposures. Some people say it makes the images softer when Photomatix re-aligns them but I haven't really been able to tell. It seems Photomatix makes my images a bit soft no mater what I do. Not a huge deal since I can just bring back the sharpness later. Still trying to figure out to make razor sharp hdr photos without extra post sharpening work.


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