My Post-Processing Photo Editing Techniques

I get asked a lot what sort of post processing techniques I use by people looking for some more advanced photography tips. It's a tough question to answer because I use a lot of different programs and techniques and am always picking up new ones. One of the main pieces of software I now use on almost all my landscapes is Color Efex Pro.


You can see a review along with some of my sample photos I posted on my blog: Color Efex Pro Review

There are also some more advanced sharpening tricks I like to use in conjunction with Color Efex Pro.


There are three ways I'll sharpen an Image. One is self explanatory using the Basic Sharpening Tools in Lightroom. It's a decent tool and fine for my basic everyday stuff. 

There are two other techniques listed below I like to use for my Landscapes. 


I learned the High Pass filter technique from this Tutorial. I've expanded on it more than what he shows here and have added a few new tricks in the mix. Instead of creating a single High Pass layer with a high setting I use two layers. One with higher radius, then one low around 1-2% to really pull out the micro details.


The other sharpening technique I like but don't use as often involves using Find Edges in a Channel Mask with the Unsharp Mask. You can learn how to do that with this Tutorial.

Those three sharpening techniques and Color Efex Pro are some of my primary tools I use on almost every photo, along with Photomatix and Lighroom. I almost always do final touches in Lightroom since it's by far the easiest and fastest tool for adjusting photos. I'll be adding a whole photography tips section to the site soon for those looking to learn more about how I like to post process my HDR photography.

Today's HDR Photo

With this photo I used the techniques above. It's a shot in Iwakuni Japan during the Fall of some of the Japanese Maple Trees. Autumn in Japan is amazing and very colorful.


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