Best Accessories For Your Canon 5Ds / 5Ds r

Best Memory Cards For The Canon 5DS R

Best Accessories For Your Canon 5DS or 5DS R

Although the Canon 5DS R does almost everything you could ask for out of the box, there are a few accessories you should consider grabbing to extend the life or functionality of your camera. 



Screen Protectors, Memory Cards & Batteries


Canon 5DS R Screen Protectors

You don’t need a screen protector as much for your Canon like you do with other cameras. The glass LCD is very very strong. I’ve had my 5Dmkii and still use it to this day and still don’t have a scratch on the screen. That’s without using a screen protector. 

That being said, screen protectors are now very cheap and easy to get. So you might want to consider one.

ExpertShield LCD Screen ProtectorAmazon – These guys are the best. I use them on all my cameras.

MegaGear LCD Optical Screen ProtectorAmazon – Mixed reviews on this one. Most negative comments are about the top protector screen, not the LCD screen.



Canon 5DS R Batteries

I personally have all Canon batteries for my Canon, but I never really have needed more than two, so price was never a big deal. If you want to have a few backups, then third party batteries work great. 



Canon 5DS R Memory Cards


CF Cards (Compact Flash Memory Cards)

The best performing CF cards are the SanDisks, Lexars, Pixel Flash, Transcend and the KomputerBay.

I personally think the SanDisk and the Lexar cards are the most reliable although KomputerBay for a bargain card has come a long way. 

I recommend you see the complete Canon 5DS R memory card speed tests before buying any memory card.


Top Shelf

  • SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB UDMA 7 Read Speed Up To 160MB/s – Amazon / Adorama
  • SanDisk Extreme 64GB UDMA 7 Read Speed Up To 120MB/s – Amazon / Adorama


Bang For The Buck

  • Lexar Professional 1066x 64GB Read Speed Up To 160MB/s – Amazon / Adorama
  • Transcend 1000x 64GB UMDA 7 Read Speed Up To 160MB/s Amazon / Adorama



SD Cards (Secure Digital Memory Cards)

If you want to have a bunch of backup cards, it’s probably best to buy some SD cards. They are smaller, lighter and less expensive. Their performance is also very good, they work fine for Sony A7r II shooters, so there is no reason they won’t work for the Canon 5DS and 5DS R.


Top Shelf

  • Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB SDXC U3Amazon
  • Kingston 64GB SDXC U3Amazon


Best Bang For The Buck



Camera Remotes And Shutter Releases


Remote Shutter Releases

Great tools for remotely triggering your camera shutter. These are one of those must have items, especially for landscape and HDR photographers. I use them all the time on all my cameras. 

  • Foto&Tech Remote ShutterAmazon 2-PackAmazon
  • Pixel Pro Wireless Shutter Remote 100MAmazon


Timer Remotes

I use to use timer remotes when I needed to shoot timelapse on the Canon 5Dmkii. That was until I installed the magic lantern hack which had it built in.

Now the Canon 5DS R includes this interval shooting right into the camera so you can get by without one of these.


But, if you want to extend the functionality or have a wireless trigger, check some of these out.

  • Canon TC-80N3 Timer Remote WiredAmazon
  • Polaroid Wireless Camera Shutter Remote w/Interval TimerAmazon
  • Neewer Timer Remote WiredAmazon



Cleaning Accessories


You just have to own one of these. There is no way around it, I can’t even begin to explain how useful these things are.

Rocket Air BlasterAmazon

My favorite method for cleaning the sensor when air does not work is with the use of a sensor brush.

Never touch the brush to keep them clean. Then blow some air on the bristles with a rocket air to give a static charge. You’ll find they can pick up those stubborn pieces of dust that air won’t get.

DSLR Sensor BrushAmazon

6-Pack Micro Fiber Cleaning ClothsAmazon I go through these like socks. Can never have enough.



Camera Straps


Standard Straps

I have a bunch of straps, but I used the Canon straps for years. They do last awhile but do fall apart eventually. Right now my favorite strap that would support a DSLR is probably the Hard Graft Re-Process.

Hard Graft Re-Process Review



Base Mounted Straps

C-Loop is making some good straps now as well as Black Rapid. Here are a few options of straps that hang from the bottom tripod mount.

Custom SLR Glide StrapAmazon

Pro Camera Strap With Split Strap TechnologyAmazon

Black Rapid Camera StrapAmazon

Black Rapid RS Sports StrapAmazon



Best Canon 5DS / 5DS R Accessories Conclusions

As I continue to buy and review accessories I’ll continue to update these lists. I still have yet to find the perfect tripod for the right price. There are the Really Right Stuff Tripods but I’m still looking for a better bang for my buck.

I’ve also collected a series of straps, but they’re mostly for lighter cameras. Right now I like the Hardgraft Re-Process Strap and I think it will work great for the Canon 5DS. But I’m still collecting more and will update as I go.