Bridge Rock Of Santa Cruz

While I was in Santa Cruz last weekend the weather was a bit on and off. There was this thick cloud of fog that came in afternoon so you really only had a few hours in the morning to get any decent photos that weren't foggy.

The main shot I wanted in Santa Cruz was of the Davon Port pier, but I didn't time the tide right so it didn't happen the day I was there. I did stop at a few other little spots to see if there was any potential in a good photo.

This was one of the spots. Bridge Rock. At first I wasn't going to shoot here since the weather was bad and there were a lot of people, but I decided to just shoot a few minutes to see what happened. I used my ND500 filter to create that smooth look and It actually turned out pretty cool. The sun was blocked by the clouds so there was this nice even light on everything making for some really nice vibrant colors. 

Bridge Rock Santa Cruz

Bridge Rock of Santa Cruz California. Last weekend I drove up and stayed the night with my wife at Santa Cruz. I made the mistake of not really researching any photo spots so I kind of was just winging it. I did find this pretty cool place called Bridge Rock. At first the weather didn't seem like it was worth shooting in but I decided to anyway. I used an ND500 filter to make everything look smooth and it really turned into a unique scene.


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