Canon Announces New 16-35mm F4L IS

Canon announces a new version of it’s 16-34mm lens. Its a bit slower this time at f4 but comes with image stabilization.

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Although I’ve yet to see any samples or tests, the MTF charts look like there is a significant improvement to sharpness especially along the edges.

This is very exciting to me as this is my favorite lens. It’s light relatively small and very fun to use.

I’ve been looking to upgrade my ultra wide lenses and this might do it for me. As you can see from my current Canon 16-35mm f2.8 review, I’ve had a lot of great success with this.


Do You Think It Needs IS?

There’s been a lot of debate about needing IS or not. But remember if you’re on a 7D with it’s 1.6x crop factor, this lens will perform more like a 24-60mm which is very useful range for having image stabilization.

The slower aperture is unfortunate for those that shoot astrophotography but I’m ok with it. I rarely shoot lower than f5.6 on my 16-35mm anyway.


What do you think? Do you need IS on a lens this wide?


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