Countdown To Japan

The countdown begins. I am doing the Japan tour again in just three weeks! This time it's going to be different, I'll be traveling with friends and my goals will be slightly of a more street photography style with the Sony A7r. That camera is so well adapted to that style that I might as well take advantage of it. I'll be going to Okinawa as well. I'm interested in seeing what kind of landscape I can find there since I've never been there before. Should be fun and I'll definitely be posting a lot!

My Canon 5Dmkii has served me well. Still the best purchase I've ever made and not a day goes by that I ever regretted owning it. It's sad to be retiring it from my photography, but I'll still use it for video. Can't beat those Magic Lantern hacks. 

Looking Back At Japan

Some of my old Japan photos from the years. All shot with the Canon 5Dmkii. 

The Yutoku Inari Shrine This is a pretty epic location in Southern Japan. And it's not that old surprisingly. For this photo I used an HDR processing technique mixed with texture blending to give it a gritty aged look. By Alik Griffin Autumn In JapanThis is from the Takachiho Gorge on the Gokasa-Gawa River. Beauty was really all around everywhere you looked. Such an amazing place. By Alik Griffin Takachiho Gorge JapanThese are the Manai Falls at the Takachiho Gorge. By Alik GriffinKentai-Kyo BridgeA very old and famous bridge in Japan. By Alik Griffin


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