Shoot Remotely With The Sony A7 & A7r

Using The Smart Remote App For Shooting RAW

As I've been looking more and more into seriously doing drone photography, I've been playing more with the Smart Remote Control App on my Sony A7r and have found that it's really really cool. At first I couldn’t really get it to do everything I wanted, like shooting Raw. But I then discovered you have to actually dig into settings in the app in the camera, and you can unlock a whole new set of features. Color Profiles, Flash settings, and Image quality settings like RAW+Jpeg.

Smart Remote Control App on my Sony A7r Shoot Raw

Using The Smart Remote App For HDR Photography

Although you cannot shoot HDR with the app yet, you can still adjust the bracket in the app on your phone so you’re not shaking or moving your camera at all. I’ve discovered when shooting HDR on the Sony A7r that even when your doing the count down timer and bracketing manual, you still have the risk of moving the camera ever so slightly between shots causing a shift between images. (Yes this is correctable with programs like Photomatix but doesn’t always work.) So now when it’s convenient I can just use my phone to control the camera. Super cool.

Smart Remote Control App Bracketing