Downtown San Diego From Coronado Island

The other night, I think it was Christmas eve me and my brother and our wives drove down to Corona Island to scope out the views. Around this time of year is great to drive around San Diego or Los Angeles since there is hardly any traffic. Going down to Coronado from Del Mar during rush hour at any other time of the year would take hours, but we were able to do it in a few minutes.

I lived in Del Mar which is in San Diego country for about eight years and always wanted to get some cool shots of San Diego. I shot down there a bit when I was in college with my old film camera but I've yet to take any of my current DSLRs there. On this trip I wanted to get a great Downtown San Diego skyline and the best and most obvious place for that was Coronado Island. I wanted to get a cool shot of the bridge too but we couldn't really figure out where to go for that. Usually I research this kind of thing a little better but I just figured there is so much in San Diego that we'd find plenty of other cool things to shoot.

Today's Photo

Downtown San Diego from Coronado IslandThis shot of Downtown San Diego was taken while on Coronado Island. San Diego is a very clean a beautiful city but being from Los Angeles it just feels so quiet. I actually lived in San Diego county for about eight years and always sort of took downtown for granted. Now that I take photography more serious I'd like to spend a lot more time there with my camera. There is so much to see and shoot and the city has such a great skyline.See this photo at

This is a single shot raw Processed using Lightroom and Sharpened using the Highpass filter. Check out the High Pass Filter Tutorial


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