The Last Sunset of 2012

My wife and I decided to go to Tucson Arizona for new years and visit some friends there. I like southern Arizona, except in the Summer. Weather is nice sunsets are cool and landscapes are awesome.

Things didn't go as planned while we were there though, we were going to go hiking at Sabino Canyon but got in a car accident. It wasn't bad but we all got a bit of whiplash. I had a headache all night and all day and my wife's neck was killing her along with other issues our friends had. So the next day we spent a good half of the days at the doctors getting checked out to make sure nothing was serious, just to play it safe. Not fun and very boring. And by the way, nothing was serious. We just got some muscle relaxers and the blasted me full of Advil.

I think we were there like 3 hours of something and by the time we got released there was no time to go to Sabino Canyon. So we just drove locally until we found a cool looking spot at Pusch Ridge. We went up a hundred yards or so and watched the sunset. This was the last sunset we saw of 2012. It was awesome.

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