Fire In The Sky

Just picked up the new Tamron 15-30mm ultra-wide angle zoom lens and have already have a few great experiences with it.

I’ve been working on a detailed review but still need one more day with it before it’s done. Look for that tomorrow or this weekend.

So far I’m only liking it, not loving it. I was hoping it would be a little bit sharper and it’s just a little too big to use comfortably with the Sony A7r. I really like it on my Canon 5Dmkii though. Sometimes you just can’t beat the form factor of a DSLR.

Update: See the Tamron 15-30mm Review and Sample Photos


Fire In The Sky

On my first day with the new Tamron 15-30mm lens, I immediately headed down to the beach with hopes of shooting a sunset photo. Unfortunately, doing such a thing this time of year in Los Angeles happens to line up perfectly with rush hour traffic. Which sucks.

Luckily I managed to leave early enough to just almost make it. Actually I think I arrived just after. It was hard to tell, the sun was not in sight and everything was overcast and depressing, almost a complete bust. But then literally, only five minutes after getting situated to shoot, the sky lit up like fourteen-year-old girls bedroom. PINK!!! 

But don’t worry, I colored it slightly more orange because I’m a man and pink is for girls.

Landscape photo at Dockweiler State Beach

Camera: Sony A7r
Lens: Tamron 15-30mm f2.8 @ 15mm
3/+-2EV HDR, ISO 100, f/16, 1/3 sec


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