First Photo Processed With Iridient 3 And It Is Sharp!

This is my first photo to be processed with Iridient Developer 3. I finally bit the bullet and bought it after playing with the beta for the last few months.

There are a lot of different things this software does that I’m still getting use to and I really want to have it figured out before going into detail with a full review and guide. So far with my first impressions I’m seeing some great potential that we just cannot get from Lightroom.

The question I will be looking to answer is if the pros outweigh the cons. I think they might because the sharpness and detail I get out of these Fuji X RAW files are unlike anything I’ve seen before. It honestly feel as though these 16MP files are giving me the detail of a 22megapixel camera when using Iridient. Maybe more. And that’s a pretty significant improvement to image quality especially when printing large.


Huntington Pier Sunset

To processed the sunset at the Huntington Beach Pier, I used a single RAW exposure taken the Fuji X100T. I loaded the RAW file into Iridient where I applied the new Fuji Velvia/Vivid film simulators then massaged the tones, sharpness, detail and noise reduction before exporting it to Color Efex Pro to add a few effects. Then finished all the metadata and final tweaks in Lightroom. 

Huntington Beach Pier Sunset

Location: Huntington Beach
Camera Used: Fuji X100T
ISO 200, f/11, 1/5sec
Software Used: Iridient, Color Efex Pro 4, Lightroom


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