Iridient Developer 3 Is Here

Iridient Developer 3 Is Here

This isn’t new news but it’s still good news. Iridient Developer 3 is available for order. 

You probably see me mention this software frequently and are probably wondering what’s so good about Iridient Developer?

Literally as I was typing this up, I refreshed their page and noticed a new announcement. They’ve included all Fuji’s X-Trans Film Simulators. That means Provia, Velvia, Astia, Classic Chrome etc. I’ll be testing that soon and comparing it to Lightroom. I’m curious to see the difference.


See the full feature list of Iridient Developer 3 and download the demo.


Iridient Developer Key Features

– New Raw processing (demosaic) algorithms. These work both for Bayer and X-Trans sensors. X-Trans arranges it’s pixels differently than Bayer so these algorithms help with detail and lower artifact rendering.

– Two sharpening methods, Iridient Reveal, and High Pass. High Pass is the bread and butter of sharpening for Landscape photographers and this program makes it incredibly easy to use.

– Many new tonal adjustment tools and clarity to put tonal adjustments on par with the competition.

– New noise reduction methods. 

– New monochrome mixers designed to reduce noise and enhance image detail. 

– You can now add split tones and monotones to monochrome images.

– You can now save and create presets.

– You can now copy and paste settings similar to Lightroom.

– Huge improvement to preview window which will show more detail, clarity, sharpness etc.

– Improvements to many of the existing processing methods such as contrast, saturation, brightness, tonal curves.


I’m still learning the ins and outs of this software but it is showing to be very promising. As soon as I’m fully comfortable with Iridient I’ll do a full review. Already I’m noticing it to be slightly sharper than Lightroom when dealing with X-Trans RAW images, colors are also slightly better.

But we’ll have to see what the future of Lightroom holds. The new release is just around the corner.


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