Grand Canyon – View from Mather Point

A year and a half later with two new lenses I returned to the Grand Canyon. This time I had a little more time. About two hours. I was able to use my tripod and switch my lenses a couple times. This photo was taken on my Canon 70-200mm f2.8L IS II. The Grand Canyon often calls for a long lens to really focus in on its features. This was a three shot HDR taken handheld with that lens. Handheld can be very trick and often doesn't turn out right if you move the lens to much. Luckily this lens has an auto stabalizer that works great when you can get it to kick in. The photo was processed in Photomatix using the Exposure Fusion technique and tweaked with Lightroom 4.2.

Grand Canyon, HDR, Mather Point

This photo was processed using the HDR Exposure Fusion Technique. I explain it here


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