Santa Barbara Orange Reflection

The other night I was up at Santa Barbara taking some photos around the Pier. I'm slowly collecting all the piers of Southern California. While walking down to get a nice wide shot of the pier I looked back across this dirty little inlet lagoon thing that smelled really bad and saw all these trees and this little lighthouse perfectly reflecting across the water. So careful not to touch the water of this dirty smelly lagoon inlet thing with my tripod I got my camera really low and was able to get this. It was really the perfect time of night.

There is something about beach photography that I bet people never realize when looking at these photos. It's how dirty and soaked I always get with nasty sea water. Usually my jeans get wet and I'm covered with grimy salty dirt by the end of the day. I was actually doing some photography the other day that was not at the beach and I wasn't getting all dirty and wet. Made me feel like I was doing something wrong. Although my tripod has a permanent dirty salt residue on it now and makes my hands feel grimy after handling it. 

Santa Barbara Orange Reflections


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