Ishibashi Bridge And HDR With The X-T1

I’ve been really excited to get back out to where no white man has ventured before to shoot with that Funinon 10-24mm f4 lens. 

The time of day and weather hasn’t been great but HDR photography fixes all. It blows my mind sometimes the software and technology available to us today.

Some of the scenes I’ve been shooting have been so bright with insane daylight contrast, I thought for sure there was no way you could create a photo out of it. Six exposures later and everything completely changes.


HDR Photography And The X-T1

I’m going to do full HDR walkthrough very soon with the Fuji X-T1, but until then here’s what’s been working for me.

Since the XT1 can’t bracket to save its life, you’re forced to do some of it by hand. Right now I set the three shot bracket to +-1EV. Then I use the exposure compensation dial to guide the rest. I first set it to -2EV, let it fire the three shots, then set it to +1EV. That gives me a range from -3EV to +2EV with six exposures and it’s been working fantastic.

Ishibashi Rei-Dai-Kyo

The Ishibashi bridge is one of Japan’s National Treasures. It’s not really Japan’s most breathtaking bridge, but it is very old. Up close the stone covered with ancient grime giving you a sense of its history.

Photo of Ishibashi Rei-Dai-Kyo Bridge

Ishibashi Rei-dai-kyo Photography


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