Japanese Temple Near the Gokasa Gawa

I'm not really sure the name of this site exactly but it was just outside the Takachiho Gorge along the Gokasa-Gawa (river). This is an important place in ancient Japanese culture and beliefs. This is near the cave where Japan was born.

This is one of my texture HDR photos that you've probably see me doing more and more lately. Applying textures to photography is a really great way to create some extra mood and really turn the photos into something more. I do love traditional and travel photography, but often times when the weather and time of day is not in your favor, you have to pull out the ol tool bag and enhance the photo with some extra Photoshop love.

Today's HDR Photo – Japanese Temple Near the Gokasa-Gawa

Japanese Temple Near the Gokasa Gawa River. This is an old temple near the Gokasa-Gawa River in Japan. We traveled down to the Takachiho Gorge which has some amazing scenery. Along the way out we stopped this old temple just off the road. Japan is filled with little treasures like this.


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