Rice Huts of Bali

In the middle of these rice fields in Bali, about two miles from town is a small little all organic restaurant called Sari Organik. It's pretty cool because you're completely surrounded by these rice fields filled with these small little huts. So we ate, napped and took photos until the rain clouds came in. A pretty nice after noon.

It's kind of interesting how the farmers have this all set up. They have these poles and flags that are all connected by rope. Some of the poles have cans tied up to them that clank. So when the farmers pull the rope it causes all these cans to clank all throughout the rice fields. It's like this giant matrix of rope, flags, and cans all controlled by the master farmer in one of the huts. Kinda cool. 

Today's HDR Photo – Rice Huts of Bali

Rice Huts of Bali. This is an HDR photo of some huts out in the middle of some rice fields in Bali. It's pretty interesting how it's all set up. There are the flags hanging some with cans attached so the farmers can pull on some rope connecting them all together causing the cans to clank, which scares all the birds away. It's this giant network of rope and cans. Kind of cool.


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