Must Have Accessories For The Fujifilm X70

Fujifilm X70

The Fujifilm X70 has become a little gem of a camera that deserves its place along side the X100T. It’s a beautiful camera and great to accessorize. I’ve compiled a list of all the best accessories I use on my cameras that also work great for the X70.


Must Have Accessories For The Fujifilm X70

These are the essential accessories I like to buy for my Fujifilm cameras. I’ve listed several options of various products I have used and trust and I’m always adding new items to these pages. If you find anything you like out in the wild that you think should be on this list, send me a comment and I’ll check it out.



Camera Essentials


Fujifilm X70 Screen Protectors

Screen protectors are a must have for any camera and are always the first accessory for every camera I use. ExpertShield is great because they give you a lifetime warranty and they honor their word. Great company and great screen protectors.

ExpertShield Screen Protector Crystal Clear Amazon

ExperShield Screen Protector GlassAmazon



Fujifilm X70 SD Memory Cards

See the Best Memory Cards For The Fujifilm X70 to find out which memory cards perform at which speed and which are the fastest.

As a quick summary here are best UHS-I memory cards.

Sandisk Extreme Pro U3 64GB – Amazon / Adorama

Samsung Pro+ U3 64GB – Amazon



Fujifilm X70 Batteries

There are a lot of great third party batteries for the X70, but these are the top performers.

Fujifilm NP-95 Li-Ion Battery – 1,800mAh 3.6v – (Amazon) (Adorama)

Wasabi Power Battery (2-Pack) – 2,200mAh 3.7v – (Amazon)

Patona – 1,600mAh 3.7v – (Amazon)

STK’s Fuji NP-95 Battery – 2,000mAh 3.7v – (Amazon)




Hoods – UV Filters – Lens Adapters

If you want a UV filter you need to order one of these hoods and adapters. You can ignore the hood and just use the adapter if you only want the UV filter which is what I do on my X100T.


Hoods with Adapter

JJC LH-JX70 Metal Lens Hood BlackAmazon

JJC LH-JX70 Metal Lens Hood SilverAmazon

These come with the adapter ring that allows you to use the 49mm UV Filters. The Nano filters I’ve found stay a lot cleaner.


UV Filters

B+W 49mm UV Multi-Resistant Filter (010M)Amazon

B+W 49mm UV Nano Filter (010M)Amazon


Lens Converters

WCL-X70 Wide Lens Converter SilverAmazon / Adorama

WCL-X70 Wide Lens Converter BlackAmazon / Adorama




Fujifilm X70 Leather Cases

There are not yet a lot of leather cases for the X70. I’ll post more as they become available. 

Gariz Leather Case X70Amazon




Fujifilm X70 Straps

For straps there are so many options and I’ll share what I know and what I use.


My bread and butter

For my bigger cameras I use the Luigi’s Deluxe Strap and the HardGraft Reprocess strap. I love them both. Hardgraft makes other amazing straps as well.

Luigi’s Deluxe


Other Great Leather Straps

There are a few other brands out there but I’m not very familiar with them or haven’t used / seen them in person. But here is a list of a few leathers straps I have used and like.

Tap &

Gordy’s Camera





X70 Optical View Finder

This is a pricey piece of equipment but it’s pretty cool. If you want the classic OVF feel, this should be a lot of fun.

Fujifilm VF-X21 Optical ViewfinderAmazon




Cleaning Accessories

The Microfiber cleaning cloths are very useful. I use these regularly and go through them like socks.

The Rocket Air is nice to get dust and debris out of those small cracks. Also, Q-tips work great for cleaning out those cracks but I won’t list those here since I’m sure you already have some.

Microfiber cleaning cloths 6-pack Amazon

Rocket AirAmazon



Fujifilm X70 Accessories Conclusions

The Fujifilm X70 is a great little camera with fantastic options for accessories that allow you to really personalize the camera so that it’s one of a kind.

Batteries, screen protectors and memory cards are essentials, but there are also some great accessories that allow you to expand the capabilities of your camera like Lens Converters and Optical Viewfinders.


Order Link

Fujifilm X70 Black – Amazon / Adorama

Fujifilm X70 Silver – Amazon / Adorama