NYC Epic Sunset

I have so many photos of NYC from the Top of the Rock that it's fun to pick one here and there and go crazy with Photoshop, just to see what happens. I'm still learning more and more techniques so I'm getting a lot faster with it. Unfortunately when I was in New York I didn't do a ton of photography, since so much of my time there was spent figuring out how to get from one point to the next. And this is complicated for someone that's never been to New York before. The place is a mess. Nobody knows anything and the subway system can get very confusing. You'll be in the station to go on the green line or something, but where you are doesn't go north. Only south. How do you go north? You have to leave the subway, cross the street and go down on a different side. And there is no signage or anything telling you that. You just have to know. And to top it all of, the GPS in my photo gets confused by all the tall buildings. So it cannot be trusted.

The New Sony A7R

In other news. I've Pre Ordered the Sony A7r with the Zeiss 35mm F2.8 FE lens. I'm pretty excited by this camera. It will be nice having 36 megapixels and a bit more color information to work with. The Canon 5Dmkii is just so primitive now days. It still takes great photos, but it doesn't not have a very sharp sensor, and pretty bad color depth compared to that D800E sensor that's in the Sony A7r. It will be a much welcomed update. 

Today's Photo – NYC Epic Sunset

YC Epic Sunset


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