Once Upon a Time, There was the Grand Canyon

This is a photo of the Grand Canyon. I think it was Navajo Point, not positive. This and Mather point are my two favorite spots so far. Eventually I want to see the Grand Canyon from the north side. Lots of cool stuff up there, but it's a bit more out of the way. I think this spot is only like four hours or so from Las Vegas, making it about eight or nine hours from my house in Los Angeles. To get really unique photos of the Grand Canyon I've noticed you just have to have perfect timing. Weather needs to be doing something amazing, sunset needs to be amazing, and a little snow here and there helps. I didn't get any of those last couple times I've gone there. Maybe next time. 

With this photo, I did a lot to it in post to give it an old look. A bunch of cross processing, colored filters, painting more color on etc. It's usually what I do to all my photos a little bit, but this is by far the most extreme.

I'm still working on a proper color photo of this spot. Just taking me a little time to get it right. I'll post it very soon. 

Grand Canyon, HDR Photography, Arizona, Vintage


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