The Creole Cafe of Old Town San Diego

Last time I went to Old Town San Diego I went and took some photos of the Whaley House. Behind the Whaley House I found this little place. The Creole Cafe. It's probably one of the most photogenic buildings of Old Town. It's an old New Orleans style cafe that matched the same old style vibe of the rest of the city. It even had a gas lamp out front. Also it's right on the backyard of the very haunted Whaley House. I really wish I ghost would have given me a sign of it's presence. 

This is a Night HDR photo. It's more difficult shooting HDR once it's completely dark. The color balance gets really hard to get right since there is no point of reference. You have to experiment a lot and go for more of a look. I guess that's true for a lot of HDR photography. 

Creole Cafe Old Town San Diego, Night HDR

I processed this photo using the Exposure Fusion Technique. You can see my HDR Tutorials at my Complete HDR How To Guide.


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