Rainbow Bridge – Part 2

Rainbow Bridge

Fujifilm X-T1. ISO 200, f11, 0.6sec.  + Fujinon10-24mm f4. @ 13mm

Here are a few more shots of the Rainbow Bridge in Long Beach. It’s been such an insanely busy year with the new child that I’ve hardly had time to shoot or even publish photos I’ve been taking.

I shot these with the Fuji X-T1 and the 10-24mm lens. It’s not the sharpest lens by Fujifilm but it is the widest. I kind of hope they start making us some nice ultra wide primes especially if the X-Pro 2 has 20+ megapixels. We’ll need it and then I can actually start using Fujfilm for some bigger landscape prints. 

I’ve also picked up a few new lenses from Fujifilm. The 35mm f2 and the 27mm f1.4. Both are amazing lenses. The 35mm finally feels like a modern lens with the Canon-esque build quality. It doesn’t rattle or clunk when focusing or even have an incredibly loose aperture ring like most of the other Fujinon lenses. I’ll be posting shots as well as reviews from both of those very soon.

Rainbow Bridge

Fujifilm X-T1. ISO 200, f11, 1.7sec.  + Fujinon10-24mm f4. @ 17mm


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