Sigma’s MC-11 EF to E-Mount Adapter – Just What We Needed

Sigma announces a new MC-11 Canon EF or Sigma Lens adapter for the Sony E-Mount. This works for both Full Frame and APS-C Sony cameras.

The new adapter is priced between the Metabones adapter and the Fotodiox adapter at $249.00. This might just be the product and the company that forces Metabones to lower their prices. A win for everyone!

Sigma MC-11 EF to E-MountAdorama


Personally I’ve used the Metabones adapter and I currently use the Fotodiox. I’ve found the Metabones just isn’t worth the price compared to what you get with the Fotodiox. With the Sigma adapter being $150 less than Metabones it might just be the right adapter for most people if it’s quality is inline with the rest of Sigma’s products.

What I can’t understand is why they named it the MC-11. Fujifilm has an MCEX-11 that is called the MC-11 for short. The Fujifilm MC-11 is designed to help Fujifilm lenses close focus where as Sigma’s MC-11 is a EF to E-Mount adapter. Confusing.

Now we have two MC-11 adapters on the market that do two vary different things for different camera systems.

I’ll be adding the adapter to my Sony lens guides which you can find here:

Sony E-Mount Full Frame Lens List / Sony E-Mount APS-C Lens List


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