Sun Flares at Yosemite Falls

There are two types of Landscape Photographers. Those that have a monks patience and can sit around waiting for the time of day and weather to be perfect, and those who know Photoshop.

I did a lot of Photoshop work on this one. Here is what it looked like out of my camera.

Yosemite Falls Raw

To get the photo I used the Light Craft Workshop ND 500 which gave me 9 stops of ND. This allowed me to set my shutter to 30 seconds to get the nice streaky falls. Then I took the bright sun at the top and enhanced it to give me a lens flare look. I really like a good lens flare look and the Canon 16-35mm f2.8 II just won’t do it. So I added it in post by painting color and setting the blending mode to hard light.

Next I added a lens flare and did a bunch more color in Photoshop. The final color I did in Lightroom. Right now my workflow is a little messy because there are some effects I want but can only do in Photoshop. But I still do like to do a lot of my coloring in Lightroom because I feel like it’s much quicker. But it does have its limitations.

Today’s Photo – Sun Flares at Yosemite Falls

Sun Flares at Yosemite Falls You don't realize it until you're there but the falls this time of year give off so much mist, while standing there watching them you slowly find yourself getting wet. Shooting the falls is like the grown up version of being a kid and running through the sprinklers.


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