Looking up at the Yosemite Falls

I was lucky enough to get to go to Yosemite for my second time this weekend. One of the many great thing about being married to my Japanese wife is when her friends and family visit from Japan, they always want to go on awesome road trips. This time we were thinking of going to the Grand Canyon but opted for Yosemite instead. Reason being, the Grand Canyon is only exciting for about 20 minutes, the you're bored. At Yosemite National park you could live there and never get bored. So much to do and see. 

It's nice to be doing photography again. Bronchitis kicked my butt for about two weeks.

Looking up at the Yosemite Falls

Looking Up at the Yosemite Falls My second time to Yosemite National Forest. I went last year when I first started to get back into photography. Since then I've got a few new lenses and a whole new perspective. Weather was a bit nicer this time as well. Everything was a bit greener, and more wildlife was out and about. It's truely spring there.


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