The Lone Climber

While in Zion National Park this winter with my wife and other fam, we were just looking at one the views when my sister in law spotted a strange shape on the mountain. I just thought it was snow gathering on one of the trees but it seemed like it was moving. So I pulled out my Canon 70-200mm lens and slapped it onto my A7r and got a closer look. And lo and behold, a lone mountain climber.

It was kind of shocking that this guy was all by himself up there, plus it was pretty cold and icy, I bet you his mother doesn't approve. Assuming it's a him and not a her. It also looked like he had a sleeping bag or something so I imagine he was hanging out up there for some time. How does one get into climbing a thousand foot cliff? Do just have to start it when you're very young? Are you raised around it? I can't imagine someone one day saying, "I'm going to learn to climb treacherous cliffs today."

The Lone Climber – Zion National Park, Utah

The Lone Climber of Zion


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