The Onsens Of Yufuin

We spent a day in Yufuin and a night at the Onsen in Yamashiroya.

I wish I took more pictures of Yamashiroya because it was super cool. Felt like it was decorated in the 60's and never touched since. Still magazines and games around from that period. And the onsens were very relaxing.

Yamashiroya Onsen

There were many different onsens with different styles. Only took a photo of this one but the others were also very cool. 

Yamishiroya Onsen of Japan

Yamashiroya Food

The food was amazing. The overall experience and the deal of this place was great.

Typically in these Japanese Onsens that I've been to at least, you pay a set amount of money and you get unlimited access to the onsens, and they give you yukata, a room and feed you for the night. We actually got breakfast as well.

The Dinning Room

Dinner at Yamashiroya Hotel

The Food

There was a variety of food. Best egg plant I've ever had and the Yakiniku was great.

Yamashiroya Yakiniku

A Day In Yufuin

After the night at the onsen we spent the day in Yufuin. It's a very cool little touristy town. 

The Lake Hotel

Kinrinko is an awesome lake in Yufuin that is very photogenic.

Kinrinko Lake in Yufuin Japa

The Floral Village

In the town of Yufuin there is this Floral Village that's like something out of Alice and Wonderland. They even have little rabbits and ducks you can feed.

Getting this shot was next to impossible. There were so many tourists, I had to wait about 15 minutes and grab a few shots over time and use pieces with nobody in the scene to stitch together.

The Floral Village of Yufuin Japan

The Yufuin Doctor Fish

There are a few places you can find Doctor Fish here. I've seen them in the airport in Bali before but never tried it out until now. 

For the first few minutes as they start eating the dead skin off your feet, it tickles pretty good but you eventually get use to it. When you're done your feet feel so clean.

Doctor Fish feeding on feet

The Vending Machine Kid

While waiting for the train in Yufuin I saw a kid trying to get a drink in the Vending machine. i just liked the shot.

Street Photography of boy getting soda shot with the Sony A7r

We've been having some pretty crappy weather so I haven't been doing that much photography the last few days. We've had a few rainy days. Hopefully it clears up soon.


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