View of Hakodate Japan

In the city of Hakodate Japan you can ride a gondola up to the top of a nearby mountain and see the view of the city. It’s a pretty popular view and very spectacular, except it’s insanely crowded.

Japan and especially Hokkaido has become a hotspot for Chinese tourism. I guess they’re looking to escape the air pollution that plagues most of Asia. Can’t blame them either, well yeah I guess you can. It’s mostly their fault. 

That’s one great thing about North America, it’s like the Garden of Eden compared to Asia when it comes to air quality.


Shot On The Fuji X-T1 – Hakodate

I bracketed this shot three exposures and processed it in Photomatix and Lightroom. I probably didn’t need to shoot it HDR but I like the effect I get from some of my Photomatix Presets. They’re free btw.

I’ve also been applying VSCO or RNI film simulator looks to my HDR and Landscape photos before processing them. It’s been giving me interesting results that I couldn’t get otherwise.

View of Hakodate in Hokkaido Japan

Camera: Fuji X-T1
Lens: Fujinon 56mm f1.2 R
HDR, 3 shots +-EV
ISO 200, f8, 1/13sec


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