Fujifilm X100F Lens Hood Review – JJC LH-JX100 II


The Fujifilm X100F, or any of the X100 series of cameras, is one of the best cameras out there to customize with different accessories. This allows people to really build a camera unique to their taste of fashion or style of shooting. 

Lens hoods are a popular accessory for the X100f and there is a new one that got released around the same time as the X100F. That’s the JJCLC-JX100 II – not to be confused with version I  which has a hood that flares out a bit more.


Fujifilm Lens Hood Review – JJC LH-JX100 II

This lens hood is of the style that has the inverted flare. This is cool because it’s a little more compact and all around stays on the hood a bit better than their version I. 

It also comes in both silver and black which you can see here on Amazon.

X100F JJC LH-JX100 II SilverAmazon

X100F JJC LH-JX100 II BlackAmazon

The X100F filter size you’ll need for this is 49mm.


This lens hood is made of aluminum and is anodized in either black or silver to match the trim of your camera.

What else is cool about this new design, is the original Fujifilm X100F lens hood can be mounted over the hood for extra protection when traveling.


In my opinion this is probably the best lens hood you can get for the X100F in terms of what you get for how much you pay.

What I like to do with these JJC lens hoods, is to remove the physical hood so I’m left with the adapter ring that allows for a UV filter. I feel this adapter ring by itself provides adequate stray light protection, so I can embrace a little flare when it happens. This is how a lot of people, including myself use the X100F with UV filters.

Without this adapter ring you cannot correctly use a UV filter on the X100F.


Another reason I don’t personally use a hood portion of this kit, is because I’ve found that Fujifilm lenses are well-built with really nice coatings so any flare is very well controlled. Especially on the X100F.



I’ll try to break down and review more accessories for the X100F like this one. Every accessory for the X100F seems to have some unique feature to it like this one and they make for some fun reviews.

Keep in mind, you can also use this lens hood on the X100s, X100T or even the original X100.

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