Zeiss Sonnar FE 35mm f2.8 Vignetting And Color Test

I saw a post today from Leica Boss about color shifts with the Zeiss Sonnar 35mm f2.8. I've noticed in the community, people keep complaining about this lens and the price. Absolutely nothing is wrong with this lens for being at the 800 dollar price range. It, after all is a Zeiss and it's razor sharp. My only issue with the lens is the vignetting that never really seems to go away, which you can see below. f2.8 is really bad, it clears up slightly by f5.6 but doesn't clear up much more after that, even at f/11 it's still present. 

Zeiss Sonnar FE 35mm f2.8 Vignetting Test

The Color Issues

I decided to test the color issue myself to see if Leica Boss had a bad lens or not. Sure enough, mine has some color shifts as well. It also gets a bit more purple at the bottom, but it's not unusual to have some color abnormalities when you blast sat and vib. In the end I couldn't get mine to be as bad as his. And I also had to max Saturation and Vibrance to get this result. If I just max Saturation it doesn't do it. I almost feel that Leica Boss maybe has a bad lens, because his vignetting also seems uneven which is usually a bad sign.

Realistically, in a real world situation, this anomaly would never matter to me. But I'll continue to run tests. 

color issues with the Zeiss Sonnar 35mm f2.8

Today's Photo – The Evo Bar

This camera is getting me a lot of attention. Usually with my 5Dmkii people go. "Hurmdy durm, that's a nice camera you got there." But only when I have a nice lens on there. Like the 70-200. With the Sony A7r, people are like, "Wow! What is that? That things pretty cool." Total strangers. Then I let them hold it and shoot it and they flip out. "The shutter is so awesome. You can feel it. And I love the sound."

Just a quick shot today from Evo Kitchen in Hollywood. I got some tea because it was 47 degrees out and I was freezing my ass off. So I set my camera on the table and just shot this. Still high ISO and with a little contrast and level adjustments. No post noise reduction or sharpening added.  Click to view 100%.

ISO 5000
f2.8, 1/60 sec