Elephant Seals - X100T

Sleeping Elephant Seals

While driving home from San Francisco a few weeks ago, my wife and I stopped by that spot the elephant seals like hang out just outside of Big Sur. These things were everywhere,  spread out miles in each direction. I guess that's good since they were very endangered at one point which I totally understand. These are probably the ugliest seals I've ever seen. 

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Fujifilm 16mm f1.4 R W Available For Pre-Order

Fuji 16 f1.4 Pre-Order

The New Fujifilm 16mm f1.4 R W is available for pre-order. 

This new Fujinon 16mm lens has an effective focal length of 24mm in the 35mm equivalent. It is weather and dust resistant and features a 9-blade aperture for smooth bokeh. It can operate in temperatures as low as 14°F and has a minimum focus distance of 6".


Pre-Order Links

Fujinon 16mm f1.4 R W - (Amazon) (Adorama)


Lens Details

- 24mm (35mm equiv)
- 9 Blade Aperture
- Weather Resistant
- Nano-GI coating
-13 Elements in 11 Groups
- 6" minimum focus distance
- Depth of field scale on the focus ring.
- Filter thread Ø67mm

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The Lakers Game And A Fuji

A series of photos from last Sunday's Lakers game. I find that the Lakers gold color is so signature, that any deviance from it just makes the photos feel wrong. So not going black and white is hard, especially since I love black and white.

In this case I chose to do did a little mixture of both. Which do you like better?

Iridient Developer vs Lightroom - A Detailed Comparison

If you're a Fuji shooter you may have heard of this RAW converter called Iridient Developer. If you haven't, it's definitely something worth checking out.

I've been using Iridient for the last few months with my Fuji X100T and have been so blow away by the difference it makes when converting my Fuji RAW files, that I decided to do a detailed comparison between Iridient and Lightroom to show you just how much better it can be at processing Fuji X-Trans files.

And the results turned out a lot better than I was expecting.

Griffith Observatory And The X100T

Griffith Observatory with the Fuji X100T

One of those popular places you'll end up going if you ever come to Los Angeles is Griffith Observatory. I still like going here even though it's a crowded mess of tourists.

It didn't use to be this way, or at least not as bad. But now that thing is happening where if something is free, it's going to be a drop zone for every tour guide bus in the city. And that's what this place has become. But it's still cool.

I brought my Sony A7r along this time but end up just using the Fuji X100T. It was a better camera for the situation. 

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