Best Fuji X-T1 Memory Cards & UHS-II Speed Tests

Fujifilm X-T1 Best Memory Card

Currently the Fujifilm X-T1 is one of the only cameras that can take advantage of the UHS-II memory cards. Because of this, I've ordered several of the most popular UHS-II memory cards and have included them in the Fuji X-T1 memory card speed test.

The results are impressive, but not all the UHS-II memory cards will outperform regular UHS-I cards so use this chart to guide you when making a purchase decision. 

Fuji X-T1 Sunset At Redondo Beach

Sunset at Redondo Beach

I recently added the Fuji X-T1 to my addition of cameras to cherish and love. I'm a camera whore I know, but I really wanted to get into Fuji lenses to see what they're like. And there are a ton of sales going on with lenses and bodies so I made the leap with the plan that I'll sell it when the next X-Pro comes out.

For an APS-C interchangeable this X-T1 is pretty awesome. Reminds me a lot of my Sony A7r as far as size and the way it fits in the hand. Actually the Sony is a little nicer to hold because of the bigger grip, but the Fuji X-T1 nailed it with the dial and button configuration. Plus it feels like a tank.

I'll be doing a full detailed review of the X-T1 pretty soon. I still need to learn the camera lot more before going into it so not to write a review that sucks.

One thing I've noticed that I've not seen mention anywhere is, the X-T1 produces significantly smaller JPEG files than the X100T. 4-7MB compared to 7-11MB (unless I'm doing something wrong). So that X100T is doing something new to its JPEGs that not even the X-T1 is doing. Makes me excited to see what the next generation X-Pro will give us.

Film Presets At The Beach

I recently picked up the RNI All Films V3.0 Lightroom presets by Really Nice Images and wanted to try them out on some beach photos I took last weekend down in Huntington.

I'll be posting more photos with these throughout the next few weeks but my first impressions are pretty good. Usually I think most presets are garbage or too Instagramy, but these are actually a pretty high quality product. They allow you to quickly cycle through different film stocks by different brands with different types of film which you can see on my images shot here with the Fuji X100T.

First Photo Processed With Iridient 3 And It Is Sharp!

Huntington Beach Pier Sunset

This is my first photo to be processed with Iridient Developer 3. I finally bit the bullet and bought it after playing with the beta for the last few months.

There are a lot of different things this software does that I'm still getting use to and I really want to have it figured out before going into detail with a full review and guide. So far with my first impressions I'm seeing some great potential that we just cannot get from Lightroom.

The question I will be looking to answer is if the pros outweigh the cons. I think they might because the sharpness and detail I get out of these Fuji X RAW files are unlike anything I've seen before. It honestly feel as though these 16MP files are giving me the detail of a 22megapixel camera when using Iridient. Maybe more. And that's a pretty significant improvement to image quality especially when printing large.

See shot details. . .

Iridient Developer 3 Is Here

Iridient Developer 3 Is Here

This isn't new news but it's still good news. Iridient Developer 3 is available for order. 

You probably see me mention this software frequently and are probably wondering what's so good about Iridient Developer?

Literally as I was typing this up, I refreshed their page and noticed a new announcement. They've included all Fuji's X-Trans Film Simulators. That means Provia, Velvia, Astia, Classic Chrome etc. I'll be testing that soon and comparing it to Lightroom. I'm curious to see the difference.

Here is a summary of all the new key features. Check em out!


Behind The Shot: Santa Monica Nights

Santa Monica Pier just after sunset.

When you truly have an amazing sunset or scene, you don't really need a lot of post processing. I've had shots that have taken me days, and I've shots that have only taken me a few minutes.

This shot I was able to process very quickly and I'll want to show you the tools I used to achieve these results.

Exploring San Francisco

Shot of City Hall

Walking around San Francisco for a day is probably one of the best ways to put a camera through its paces. I was actually considering renting the Olympus E-M5 II for this trip but decided I haven't really done enough with the Fuji X100T yet to really start exploring other cameras.

To process these photos I did something I don't usually do. I used the VSCO presets. Check it out.

American Dining

Dining American Style.

I've been driving through Central and Northern California doing the thing you do when you do that whilst shooting all on the Fuji X100T. Except in Yosemite, I shot a little with my Sony A7r obviously. But lately I've kept that solely as my landscape photography camera reserved only for when Mother Nature is in her most epic of epicness. Otherwise it's the Fuji X100T to shoot all those incidental moments that happens when traveling.

I've also started doing that thing we all tell beginners not to do when they're first learning to shoot. . .

New Sony E Mount Lenses Announced

Zeiss Distagon 35mm Announced

Sony has announced several new lenses for the mirrorless full frame E-Mount lineup of cameras. This includes the Sony A7, A7r, A7s and A7II.

New lenses include:

Zeiss Distagon 35mm f1.4

Sony 90mm Macro f2.8

Sony 24-240mm f3.5-6.3

Sony 28mm f2.0

As well as some conversion lenses.

I've written more about them and some of these look really really nice. Check it out.

Sunset At Pacific Park

Sunset at the Pacific Park. Santa Monica, California.

It's not every day we get one of these sunsets in Santa Monica. I've shot the Santa Monica Pier many a time but have never seen anything like this before. I've actually never seen anything like this before in the many years I've been shooting beach photos in Southern California. Only when I lived in Del Mar surfing as a youth I would occasionally catch something like this. But that was before I was really into photography.

Want to know something else that's cool?


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