Fuji X100T - A Real World Review

West Hollywood

Not too long ago I made the leap into the FujiX100T fixed lens system. But why this camera? Why only a 16 megapixel APS-C camera with a fixed lens when I already own a Sony A7r with a few great lenses?

I use to think megapixels and dynamic range was all that mattered, but now after going through a few different camera bodies over the years, I've really come to learn that it's the physical camera itself that matters. Not just the specs, or the pixel depth of the sensor resolution, but the way the camera feels in your hand, the experience of shooting itself. I've come to learn that it's the actual physical process of taking the photos that I enjoy and the Fuji X100T is absolutely perfect for this. 

With a few flaws of course :)

So I wanted to do a review different than all the other reviews on the Internet done by bloggers that have no idea what this camera really is who just want to list a bunch of blind specs hoping to get some good page rank. Yes this camera has auto focus, and it's 16 megapixels and has a OVF / EVF!. Ok that's out of the way. . . 

Let's get into this review! A real review that has taught me a ton about this camera and will hopefully teach you a few things too. 


Simple Night In Black & White

I continue to enjoy the simple qualities of the Fuji X100T as I take it with me on my day to day routine. The camera is very forgiving and incredibly fun to use. The manual modes make it feel like you're using a machine rather than using some consumer electronic device which I really like. Shooting Photography should never feel digital in my opinion and I think that's where a lot of camera brands fail.

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Classic Chrome - Raw vs Jpeg With The Fuji X100T

Out of curiosity I wanted to see how the FujiX100T manipulated images between JPEG and RAW when using the new Classic Chrome color profile.

At first I would have thought that they would be almost indistinguishable or at least extremely close. After all, why would a JPEG image look any different than the RAW with Classic Chrome? The profile is built by the same company using the same curves. But the results are actually very surprising.

Going Handheld - Antelope Canyon

Lower Antelope Canyon

This was my second time going through the Antelope Canyon in Northern Arizona and it's a great place to stop buy for a few hours if you're ever driving through.

This time I did things a little different. I had with my a Sony A7r instead of my Canon 5Dmkii and decided to just go in with the good ol fashion tour. I figured with the low light capabilities of the Sony A7r I could just wing it and go tripod free. I was right, the noise I was getting at ISO 1000 was totally fine. And bringing a tripod down there is such a hassle. I even got a couple keepers.

Check them all out

Fuji X-T1 Must Have Accessories & Gear

Best Accessories and Gear Fuji XT1

One of my favorite parts about owning a Fujifilm camera is all the third party accessories and gear you can get for them.

So for this camera I've compiled a list of all the best, must have accessories for the Fuji X-T1. As well as a complete XF mount lens list and UV filter list for the X-T1, X-Pro 1, X-E1 and X-E2. 

Bert Stephani's Fuji X100T Overview

This is probably the best overview I've seen of the Fuji X100T. . . minus the cheesey music. :)

I don't usually post other peoples reviews but this one really did the camera and all its upgrades justice. 

Is it worth upgrading from a FujiX100s? Bert thinks so.

In this video Bert Stephani gives some excellent advice on shooting street photography and approaching complete strangers. You'll also see him use this awesome little Instax Printer. It prints on real Instax film and works great with the Fuji X100T. I might just have to get one now.

Business In Kirkland

I've been very busy lately and work has had me completely locked down and unable to go out and take photos. Which has not been fun. But it's for this exact reason why the Fuji X100T is so great. Between the hotel and work I have been able to take some interesting shots around Kirkland and Seattle Washington. All why my Sony A7r was tucked safely away at home.

The Fuji X100T Experience

This time of year is really nice in the Seattle area. Leaves are changing, rains come and go and it's not too cold. Great for some street photography.

It was raining on and off lightly but I wasn't too concerned about the lack of weather sealing on the Fuji. It's very very solid and doesn't feel like water could get into it, but I still wouldn't be taking too many chances

I've also been shooting more and more manual focus with the Fuji X100T. I love the speed of the autofocus but can't quite get a handle on how or why it auto focuses the way it does. It seems to have a mind of its own despite setting it to spot focus, but this camera is all about the manual focus for me and for that, it's awesome.

I'm looking forward to some free time next week when I can really put this new camera through its paces.


Fuji X100T First Impressions

Fuji X100T in black

As someone who has never used a Fuji camera before I thought it would be fun to share my perspective on the new Fuji X100T. So here are my thoughts and honest first time impressions on this camera that's totally new to me. 

It might seem strange for someone with a Sony A7r and a 5Dmkii to go out and buy a small fixed lens APS-C camera like this. I'm not one of those photographers that thinks one brand is better than another, rather I will buy a camera that does what I need for the style I'm looking for. And this Fuji X100T just seems to be perfect for carrying around with me and taking daily life photos.

My Canon is simply too big and my Sony seems like it was built by Fisher Price as it's completely falling apart after only a year of significant traveling and carrying with me everywhere. So I needed a camera to fill that void, and guess what? No other camera is better for this than the Fuji X100T. Except maybe the Panasonic LX100, but I'm not really interested in a zoom m43 system, for forget I said that.

On to the overview.

Shooting The Wave With The Sony A7r & Zeiss 35mm

I finally had a chance to go to The Wave this month. We actually did the lottery and won on our second try. Lucky us I guess. Some people have tried 9 times with no luck. 

I never really thought The Wave was all that cool from pictures I've seen but really once I was there it was a lot cooler than I was expecting. It is also a lot smaller than I was expecting. 

But ultimately I think hands down the best part about going to the wave is the amazing three mile hike you have to take to get there. Shooting this raw wilderness along the way is an experience I'll never forget.

See all the photos.

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