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First I'd like to say, this was very Apple of Adobe to do this.

Many of you who use panels for Photoshop, including mine, might have noticed you can no longer use panels in Photoshop CC 2014.

It's been awhile since I've been down to the Scripps Pier. I know it's a hot spot for photographers now because of Peter Lik. And it was, I had to wait in line to get this shot, but I needed to get done. I've been slowly working on shooting all the piers of Southern California.Only a few more to go.

Rumors of the Canon 7Dmkii have been floating around for years. Literally, years.

The Canon 7D originally came out in September of 2009. Almost five years ago. You can understand why people were waiting for so long for a refresh.

This year, it looks like it's really coming. The reason is, NDAs are expiring. 

This was the final frame from my night at Joshua Tree National Park. It was taken moment before the moon set behind the mountains, casting the landscape into total darkness.

I know I've posted two Philip Bloom videos in a row, but I haven't found really anything else all that interesting floating around the interwebs these last few days. Except maybe that bit of news about Canon and Microsoft sharing patents.

But these last two videos are definitely worth checking out.

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