Sony A7r II A Quick Look At Diffraction

Now that the Sony A7r II has 42 megapixels of madness, it's a good idea to look at how it handles diffraction with a few lenses.

Right now the consensus is that your aperture and megapixel count will have an impact on your image detail due to diffraction. Shooting higher apertures like f16-f22 will result in softer images vs shooting at f4-f8. Also more megapixels will impact how your images look at higher apertures.

However, from what I've been seeing from doing various diffraction tests with different cameras and different lenses, it's not only aperture and megapixel count that impact diffraction.

A New Life

The last week of my life has been very exciting, exhausting, and exhilerating. There was a certain moment during all this where the importance of photography really hit me. Without it, I would not be able to capture these amazing moments in life, that will now forever be remembered.

Best SD Memory Card For The Sony A7rII

Best Sony A7r II Memory Cards

I've put all the popular and latest SD memory cards through my speed test for the Sony A7r II.

What I've learned?  Speed doesn't matter as much as the little letters and numbers written on the card.

The new Sony cameras are loaded with so many features and many of them require certain kinds of cards to get the camera to do what you need. This guide will show you the basics and list some recommended SD cards that I've tested and that work great.

Sony A7rII Gariz Alcantara Half Case Review

When buying a new camera, I always like to pick up a few accessories to help keep the camera protected. Usually this includes a screen protector and some sort of grip or half case.

When I bought the Sony A7r, I never purchased a case and after about six months I ended up regretting it. The camera took a lot of extra wear that I wasn't really expecting. Mainly from using tripods.

Now after buying the Sony A7r II, I purchased a Gariz Half Case. The Alcantara model. And here is what I think.

A Potential Game Changer

Another portrait photo taken of my niece in the park. Shot on the legendary Fujifilm X100T.

So . . . something amazing happened today which may or may not influence how much I'm using my Fujifilm system . . .