Nikon, Canon And Sony To Release 50Mpx Cameras Soon

Canon 50 megapixel Camera

All the rumors sites are lighting up like Christmas trees. New 50Mpx cameras from the big three are just around the corner. The big three being Canon, Nikon and Sony.

I know Canon has been working on a 50Mpx camera for many moons now. They were having issues with battery life last I remember. You know Canon, if the battery doesn't last two weeks it's not perfect enough. I believe this mentality has likely contributed to Canon "falling behind" in the recent years. Sony seems to takes the shotgun approach spamming the market with everything to see what sticks (they'll fix it in the next version) and Nikon builds these little engineering marvels that are truly amazing in their own right. 


Fuji X100T Gariz Half-Case Review

FujiFilm X100T Gariz Half-Case

Over the last few months I've been on the hunt for a good leather case for my X100T. My concern has been if the slimmer camera design would be an issue in these cases designed for the X100 or X100s. So as an experiment I decided to grab the Gariz, it seemed like the best option since it has a solid base which allows for a tripod mount.

See the full review and sample photos.

Another Beautiful Day In Paradise

Sunset Waimea Bay Hawaii.

You ever do that thing where you go on Vacation, take 7,000 photos, process and publish maybe ten of them and then totally forget about the rest? I always do that and I have to force myself to go back and pick out the little gems and publish them for the world to see. I probably have at least ten to twenty really nice photos I've taken over the years I've completely forgotten about. Like this one.

An Evening In Culver City

This was the first place I lived when I moved to Los Angeles from San Diego. I think something like seven or eight years ago. To the outsider Los Angeles is just Los Angeles, if you're from San Diego anything north of Camp Pendleton is considered Los Angeles and if you live in Colorado, anyone from California is from Los Angeles. It's all the same to most people but it's very different to the people that live here.

Culver City is this unique little niche in Los Angeles and has become a pretty cool city in the last few years. When I first moved here there was still kind of nothing interesting going on, except Sony Pictures Studios where many of my friends worked. Today there are a few awesome restaurants and bars mixed in and around the few dumpy movie theaters and it's a pretty cool place to hang out. On this night I went to Tender Greens for dinner.

My weapon of choice, the FujiX100T set to Jpeg Monochrome+R. Actually only the interiors were set to Monochrome. The exteriors I shot RAW then converted to Monochrome+G in post.

See all the photos.

Fuji X100T vs X100s - 9 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade

In the last few months I've been reading a lot of blogs and reviews on the Fuji X100T, and there is this thing they all seem to imply, "The X100T isn't really worth the upgrade if you already own the X100s." So I borrowed the X100s for awhile and here is what I've found.

Lensmate FujiX100T Thumbrest Delayed Again

Fuji X100T Thumbrest

For those waiting for the Fuji X100T Thumbrest by Lensmate, It looks like we'll have to wait a little longer.

Here is what Lensmate sent me this morning. 

10 Photography Predictions For 2015

If you thought 2014 was a crazy year for photography then 2015 will be really interesting. Based on what I've been seeing on all the rumors sites and what came to fruition these last four years, I think there are going to be some very big changes in the photography world.

Before you go out and buy your next camera, take a look at some of these predictions and see if they will effect you. 

Here are my top 10 photography predictions for 2015.

Landscape Photography With The Fuji X100T

Paradise Cove Pier of Malibu California

When you think of a landscape photography camera I bet the first thing that comes to your head is a Nikon D800 - or the Sony A7r. Am I right? I bet you never think of Fujifilm. Who has ever considered using a Fujifilm camera for landscape photography, I mean come on, they're only 16 megapixels right?

My Experience Shooting Landscape Photography With The Fuji X100T

HDR Photography With The Fuji X100T? Yes You Can!

Landscape Photography Dockweiler State Beach

When I first started shooting with the Fuji X100T I noticed the options for shooting HDR photography kind of sucked. +-1EV? Seriously? There is also this other problem, when the shutter is set to auto it will only go as slow as 2 seconds. I knew these Fuji cameras have some potential to shoot some really stunning HDR photography because of the film simulators that look amazing. The trick will be working around these limitations.

Here's how you can do it.

Looking Back At 2014

Looking up at the Kyoto Bamboo Forest from Spring 2014 Japan.

2014 was a great year in the world of photography. We got a lot of new amazing cameras like the Nikon D810, Sony A7s, the A7ii and the Canon 7Dmkii. Not to mention the Fuji X-T1 and X100t. I've had a so much fun with the Sony A7r, and found a new love addition with the Fuji X100t.

But it wasn't just great for photography; it was also one of the better years for my portfolio and personal growth. It's always a great feeling expanding your knowledge and I think photography is one of those crafts where you can learn indefinitely. 

See the collection of some of my best travel photography from 2014. Click Read More


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