Fuji X100T First Impressions

Fuji X100T in black

As someone who has never used a Fuji camera before I thought it would be fun to share my perspective on the new Fuji X100T. So here are my thoughts and honest first time impressions on this camera that's totally new to me. 

It might seem strange for someone with a Sony A7r and a 5Dmkii to go out and buy a small fixed lens APS-C camera like this. I'm not one of those photographers that thinks one brand is better than another, rather I will buy a camera that does what I need for the style I'm looking for. And this Fuji X100T just seems to be perfect for carrying around with me and taking daily life photos.

My Canon is simply too big and my Sony seems like it was built by Fisher Price as it's completely falling apart after only a year of significant traveling and carrying with me everywhere. So I needed a camera to fill that void, and guess what? No other camera is better for this than the Fuji X100T. Except maybe the Panasonic LX100, but I'm not really interested in a zoom m43 system, for forget I said that.

On to the overview.

Shooting The Wave With The Sony A7r & Zeiss 35mm

I finally had a chance to go to The Wave this month. We actually did the lottery and won on our second try. Lucky us I guess. Some people have tried 9 times with no luck. 

I never really thought The Wave was all that cool from pictures I've seen but really once I was there it was a lot cooler than I was expecting. It is also a lot smaller than I was expecting. 

But ultimately I think hands down the best part about going to the wave is the amazing three mile hike you have to take to get there. Shooting this raw wilderness along the way is an experience I'll never forget.

See all the photos.

5 Features The 2015 Sony Pro E-Mount Camera Must Have

Sony Rumored 2015 Mirrorles E Mount Camera

A recent rumor has revealed that the next generation Sony E-mount cameras on the horizon. And this time they're focused on the pro market.

If you're looking to pick up a Sony A7 or A7r, you should probably check out this rumor and see what 5 technology photographers may expect to see in these new rumored Sony full frame FE cameras.

4 Ways to Improve Your HDR Photography Before Tone Mapping

How To Improve Your HDR Photography

Looking for ways of improving your HDR photography? Are you wondering where in your HDR workflow you are making mistakes?

Chances are there are a few steps you're completely overlooking, and there happening before you even start.

I've compiled a list of four techniques you need to do to every HDR photo before tone mapping.

Here they are:

Fotodiox New 10 Stop Variable ND Lens Adapter - EF to E-Mount

Fotodiox released something really cool recently. A 10 stop variable ND filter built into a Canon to E-mount lens adapter.

I often use NDs for landscape photography and find it to be a hassle always switching and owning different NDs for my different lenses since they all have different filter sizes.

And if you've ever used a variable ND filter on an ultra wide lens you'll know that they just don't work well when mounted to the front element. The same applies to polarizes which is how variable ND filters work. But when mounted to the back it all works great.

But there is one major feature this thing is missing.

Best SD Memory Cards For The Fuji x100T

Choosing the Best Memory Cards for the Sony A7 and A7r

When shopping for SD memory cards it's important that you know the various speeds numbers and what they all mean.

Before I go into the differences on all the SD memory card classes here is a list of some great buys.

10 Reasons Why Your HDR Photos Suck

This HDR photo was taken in Redondo Beach California during an amazing summer sunset.

Have you noticed HDR photography gets a lot of criticism on the web? Why? Because HDR photography is hard, that's why. A lot can go wrong from shooting to processing. And it usually does.

The sad reality is the photography critics seem to be on the hunt for HDR photographers. Believe me, I've been there victims many times. They are like the grammar trolls of photography pointing out every detail and mistake.

So how do you shoot good HDR Photography? You can start by avoiding the following 10 reason for bad HDR.

Splash - Oahu Wave Photography

Wave Photography on Oahu Hawaii.

When I was in Oahu a few weeks ago I was shooting a bit of photography like this. Super close to the water as it splashes up against the sand or surrounding rocks. It's actually not the smartest thing to do with an expensive Sony A7r and after a few very close encounters I decided it was enough. But not before I got a few cool shots!

I did actually ended up with a grain of sand in one of the little wheels that took me a few days to finally grind out.

Between Worlds - Oahu Hawaii

Ocean of Oahu Hawaii.

I've always loved shots of clean tropical water on a white sand beach. There is even a good one that comes as a desktop background if you're an OSX user. Well guess what, I finally got one. Except the sand is not exactly white, close enough.

This shot was taken at the infamous Waimea Bay. No tripod, just my trusty Sony A7r with the Zeiss Sonnar T* 35mm f2.8, a lens I've come to truly love and the sharpest lens I've ever shot with. But it does have some minor drawbacks which you can see here on my review.


Winds Edge - Oahu Hawaii

Hawaii Landscape Photography.

After driving around the Island a few times my wife and I found this cool spot. It was near china man's hat and was one of the few places in Oahu that's pretty vacant of people. 

I've been to Oahu a few times and have always been busy surfing or getting married or hanging out with the parents when I was younger, but now that I had my own car, my wife and I completely explored the island. It's surprising how small the island really is but incredible how photogenic it is. You can pretty much shoot endlessly there. 


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