Best Memory Cards For The Samsung NX1

I've finished my UHS-II vs UHS-I memory card speed test with the Samsung NX1 to determine which memory card is the best for the camera.

Although the Samsung NX1 claims to take advantage of UHS-II memory cards, the results show otherwise. 

See the best SD memory card for the Samsung NX1. 

Samsung NX1 - My First Impressions

A rock formation at the Valley of Fire, Nevada.

The Samsung NX1 is the new 28 megapixel APS-C camera by Samsung. It features one of the most advanced APS-C sensors in a camera to date and seems to outperform the competition in almost everyway. So I rented one for a week.

There are a lot of interesting things to talk about with this camera. Some good some bad. Mostly good. 

Fuji X-T1 vs Sony A7r - A Pixel-To-Pixel Showdown

 photo A7r_XT1_ISO6400_v3_zpsunqmnc1h.jpg

See the Fuji X-T1 destroy the Sony A7r in this pixel-to-pixel showdown. 

Adobe Adds New Support For X-Trans Processing

Adobe adds better support for processing Fujifilm X-Trans Raw Images in Adobe Camera Raw 9.1

 photo Adobe-X-Trans_Support_zpssh8jxhwr.jpg

There was an interesting thread going on over at FR today about Adobe working closely with FujiFilm to improve the way it decodes X-Trans. 

This means two things:

1. Iridient Developer may lose its edge over Adobe as an X-Trans photo processing beast.

2. Now when bloggers that don't know what they're doing compare FujiFilm cameras to other cameras using Lightroom and Photoshop, the comparison will put Fujifilm in a better light. 

I'm personally excited to hear this news. Iridient Developer is an absolutely fantastic program for processing Fuji RAW files and it's noise reduction and sharpness processes still go unmatched. But adding simplicity to my workflow is always welcome.

I'll start working on a new article that compares Iridient Developer to Adobe Camera Raw 9.1 to see how it holds up.

Voigtlander 15mm F4.5 Heliar III Review & Sample Images

Shot with the Sony A7r and the Voigtlander 15mm III.

I've reviewed the Voigtlander 15mm F4.5 Heliar III with both my Sony A7r and Fuji X-T1. It's an incredible lens on both systems with two completely different looks.

I'm amazing at how they packed such quality into something so small.