Is The Future Of Photography In VR?

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A close friend of mine has been developing for VR for awhile now and the other night he invited me over for a demo of his latest project. I'll get more into that in a second. For now here is a quick glimpse of what he's doing.

So what is VR? Obviously it stands for virtual reality, but we hear people throw this term around loosely and it's always kind of made my eyes roll since there are several different applications for VR and to be honest, they are all totally different.

I'll go over a few.

Has Photography Gotten Too Easy? It has with the X-Pro 2

Santa Monica Pier Night

Fujifilm X-Pro 2 - 16mm f1.4 R WR - ISO 200, F8, (7.5s, 1.9s, 0.5s) 

I come to the Santa Monica Pier a few times a year to test cameras and lenses or to just update my portfolio. Even though I only live a few miles away, it's a huge pain in the ass dealing with the crowds and parking. At least this time it ended up being a rewarding experience.

This time I was using the Fujifilm X-Pro 2 and the Fujinon 16mm lens.

Best Memory Card For The Fujifilm X70

Fujifilm X70 Fastest Memory Card

With the Fujifilm X70 being the little sister to the X100T, it shares a lot of the same characteristics. The sensor works the same, the speed of the processor is about the same, even the speed at which it writes to memory cards are all very close. The main difference is the X70 is a lot smaller and it has a wider lens. 

If you're looking for the best memory card or you want the fastest memory card for the Fujifilm X70, there are only a few options. Several brands perform wildly different so it's important to find the best memory card for you camera so you never run into wait times as your buffer clears.

See the performance tests . . .

Fujifilm X70 - A Quick Review

Fujifilm X70 Review

The Fujifilm X70 is the answer to those who want amazing image quality in as small of a package as possible. It has a lot of the same things we love about the X100T, but is much smaller and much lighter. In terms of image quality, it might be the best camera I've used that's still small enough to fit in your pocket. 

Sounds great right? That's what I thought, but I actually don't love it. Here is why . . .

Sony A6300 Review - The Full Frame Killer

The Sony A6300 is Sony's flagship APS-C camera. Compared to the A6000, the camera features an all magnesium weather resistant body that feels much more rugged and solid in the hand. The camera also features a new sensor and the ability to shoot 4k. With Sony's growing APS-C lens lineup, the A6300 is one of the most versatile yet affordable cameras on the market.

It's also one of the first of a new generation of APS-C cameras that are closing the gap on full frame.


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