Rumor Watch: Sigma ART, Canon 7Dmkii & Fuji X100T

Photokina this year looks very exciting and we have a lot of cool things to look forward to. I think the top three that interest me come from Canon, Sigma and Fuji. Here's is what I think we'll likely see this Photokina.

Canon 7Dmkii

Canon 7Dmkii Rumor

The 7D rumors have been teasing us for years. It's the longest I've seen Canon go without a refresh and it looks like for certain that we'll finally see it this Photokina. Canon promises something special and spectacular with it but from looking at the leaked specs, it seems exactly what we would expect. 

20.2MP with 10 fps. The rest of the specs seem to pull from the 1Dx or the 5Dmkiii. 

Nothing that mind shattering yet. Maybe the sensor and processor will do something special, but the camera looks awesome regardless. And if I was someone looking to get a professional APS-C camera, this would be my first choice. Nobody makes them like Canon. 

Fuji X100T

Fuji X100T Rumor

This is likely my next purchase. An upgrade to the amazing Fuji X100s. Improved sensor, lens, rotating screen and better EVF. All the things it needed. 

It seems they ditched the optical viewfinder. Hipsters will be pissed but I really didn't care about that feature. I have an eye condition that makes it really hard for me to use viewfinders anyway because of the special contact lenses I have to wear. Which is why I love using the screen on my Sony A7r. 

Why do I want this camera? Because for street photography and traveling around and about my Sony A7r just got too beat up. It's still in the shop and I didn't even abuse it like I did my Canon 5Dmkii which I abused for years without ever having a problem. 

This camera is also dead silent with its lens shutter and will be awesome for some high speed strobe photography. 

So to save my Sony A7r so it survives the next few years as my landscape photography beast. I'll be picking up a new walk around camera. The Fuji X100T

Sigma 14-24 F4 Art Lens

Sigma ART rumors

My favorite thing about Sigma these last few years is we can now officially start taking their lenses very serious. They don't mess around with their ART lenses. Not only are they amazing, often times better than the competition, but they're also significantly cheaper. 

There are a few more Sigma's that look promising that we should see very soon. The Sigma 24mm ART as well as the Sigma 85mm ART.

My goal is to eventually get a whole range of Sigma primes. But first I got to work on my poor man's Samyang collection. 

Metabones Mark IV Lens Mount Adapter Improved Performance

Metabones EF to E Lens Mount Adapter ReviewMetabones earlier this year released its Mark IV version of the Lens Mount Adapter.

These adapters allow you to use your Canon or Nikon lenses on your Sony E mount bodies with full aperture control.

The previous Mark III version of the adapter had a lot of problems with many Canon lenses. The new adapter has many new improvements to consider and a lot of new lenses added to its compatibility list. 

Check it out on Amazon: Metabones Canon EF Lens to Sony NEX Camera Lens Mount Adapter Mark IV

List Of Some New Features

- New bigger Inner hole is painted with a matte coating to cut down on any light reflections. A problem Tilt-Shift photographers were having.

- Better performance with the 32-bit processor allowing for more effective mode switching and power saving.

- Tripod foot is detachable and compatible with Arca Swiss, Markins, Photo cam ball heads. 

- Wide open button for depth of field previewing. 

Note To Buyers

I've had a lot of problems with my Metabones Mark III adapter since the day I got it. Random power offs and lens compatibility issues. Hopefully this new version addresses all these problems and I've heard a few photographers already praise the new performance.

Although the adapter does have a 1 year warranty, you have to ship it to Hong Kong for service. From California that costs $35 dollars to ship it there and $35 to ship it back. So to get it serviced it will cost you $70 dollars. Not really worth it on an adapter with a $300-$400 dollar price tag.

When you get your adapter make sure it's absolutely perfect before your 30 day Amazon return policy expires. That was the mistake I made. I started shooting a web series with my camera immediately, then went out of town for a week knowing my adapter was having problems. Don't make this mistake.

Sample Photos With The Metabones EF to E Lens Mount Adapter MKIII

Fire Cave - Valley Of Fire Nevada - Sony A7r + Metabones Mkiii + Canon 16-35mm f2.8L II

Sun setting at the rice field terrace of Saga Japan.

Rice Field Terraces Japan - Sony A7r + Metabones Mkiii + Canon 16-35mm f2.8L II

How To Reduce Rolling Shutter With The Sony A7s

If you've purchased and have been shooting with the Sony A7s, you may have noticed that it has possibly one of the worst rolling shutters to ever be put in a full frame camera.

It's so bad in fact that it really limits you to only making landscape travel videos with a twiddly little music bed that you'll likely only post on Vimeo. After you color grade it to look like an instragram photo of course.

Well fortunately there are ways to reduce the rolling shutter.

Sony A7r vs Sony A7s Video Comparison

I found this cool video comparison between the Sony A7r and Sony A7s. 

I'm not sure why, but for some reason, 99% of all video reviews are people comparing ISO performance and rating the camera based off that. If you're doing real production you're going to use some form of lighting to hopefully keep you from having to shoot at an extreme ISO.

Nobody really compares sharpness, or color depth. The most important thing to me is how well the image holds up when color correcting. It seems if you want to use your camera to replace your night vision goggles, then the Sony A7s might be for you.

Sony A7r vs Sony A7s Video Comparison

Now looking at these two comparisons, the Sony A7r looks pretty good. It's still very sharp and has great detail compared to the Sony A7s. That's something I've noticed when shooting video with my A7r. I really like it over my 5Dmkii. Because of the lack of a highpass filter the image is much sharper, which was one of the biggest draw backs with the Canon 5Dmkii and 5Dmkiii in my opinion.

If you want to learn more about shooting video with the Sony A7r, or A7 check out my video guide.

New Release - Serenity

It's been awhile since I've been down to the Scripps Pier. I know it's a hot spot for landscape photographers now because of Peter Lik. And it was, I had to wait in line to get this shot, but I needed to get done. I've been slowly working on shooting all the piers of Southern California. Only a few more to go.

This pier is not quite like the other piers in that its symmetry is really nice. The columns stand straight up and down creating a really nice view into the horizon. 

I think as a photographer if you're looking to shoot Scripps Pier, do it on a week day, and maybe in the winter. You might have less people to contend with.

New Release - Serenity

Fine Art Landscape Photo taken at the Scripps Pier, La Jolla California.

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Location: Scripps Pier, La Jolla California

Camera Used: Sony A7r
ISO: 100
Aperture: f/8.0
Shutter: 30sec

Canon's 7Dmkii Might Actually Come This Year

Canon 7Dmkii Mock UpRumors of the Canon 7Dmkii have been floating around for years. Literally, years.

The Canon 7D originally came out in September of 2009. Almost five years ago. You can understand why people were waiting for so long for a refresh.

But Canon has been extremely slow in its APS-C sensor development. The only significant APS-C sensor upgrade we've seen has been the sensor in the 70D. That's crazy pants if you ask me.

This year, it looks like it's really coming. The reason is, NDAs are expiring. 

The rumors are that this camera is going to be something very special and Canon has something revolutionary. I've heard it's going to be a foveon like sensor and have heard the opposite.

I still can't imagine it being a three layered foveon type sensor as every camera on the market like that basically sucks compared to what CMOS is doing. So Canon would have to develop a totally new chip, that was even better than what their CMOS sensors are doing. I just feel like it's unlikely.

New Release - Last Light

This was the final frame from my night at Joshua Tree National Park. It was taken moment before the moon set behind the mountains, casting the landscape into total darkness.

I spent a lot of the night experimenting in various techniques while using the moon as my key source of light. I thought it would be interesting to use the moon as a backlight to silhouette a Joshua Tree while using a thirty second exposure to enhance the nights stars. Last thing I did was use an auxiliary light to highlight the edge of the joshua tree to give is some color and texture.

New Release - Last Light

As the moon was giving its last light before setting behind the mountains, I was able to fire off one last shot of a silhouetted Joshua Tree before the night when completely dark.SpecsCamera Sony A7rISO: 800Aperture: F2.8Shutter: 30/1

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Location: Joshua Tree California

Camera: Sony A7r
Lens: Canon 16-35mm f2.8L
ISO: 800
Aperture: f2.8
Shutter: 30/1


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