Fujifilm 35mm f2.0 - Review & Sample Photos

The Fujifilm 35mm f2 R WR lens is one of those lenses that you can just fall in love with almost immediately. It's small, fairly inexpensive and produces some really nice image quality. But more than that, it's got character.

Although the Fujinon 35mm f2 is by no means perfect, the lens is priced in such a way that many of its flaws can be forgiven. It's also incredibly durable, making this lens my first choice for anyone looking to jump into some primes.

Dazaifu | A Walk Through Tradition

After spending a lot of time in Japan and getting use to the culture shock, I've finally begun to see things differently.

It actually helps when shooting photography when everything doesn't feel new and interesting.When your overwhelmed by the excitement of traveling, it's hard to resist spamming photos of things that are new and cool, but that don't necessarily hold much meaning or character. But still, it happens, probably even with the best photographers and I'm actually ok with this.

That's is, after all, what our cameras are for. Half of using my camera is to make art, tell stories, captures moods, the other half is to remember things. The trick is finding the balance, and learning to switch gears.

All The Best Fujifilm X100F Rumors

Fujifilm X100T Review

An upcoming camera I've very excited about is the Fujifilm X100F. It's going to be the upgraded version of the X100T likely with the new sensor, processor and I would assume an improved screen.

Since Fujifilm has upgraded most of the technology that goes into their cameras this last year, we'll likely see a refresh of the X100T with all the same tech. I'm thinking first half of next year, maybe Photokina 2017. The rumors are light so it might still be a ways away, so until launch I'll be keeping track of the X100F rumors on this page.

A Quick Stay In Yufuin Japan | X-Pro2 / X-T2

We took the train from Fukuoka to Yufuin Japan. The ride is a few hours through Japan's countryside, carved out by rivers and rice fields hidden between volcanic peaks, the landscape here is amazing and is one of Kyushu's must see spots. It's also a great place to relax, or to just shoot some travel photography.

It was also at this place where I dropped my X-Pro 2 for the first time . . .

The Beauty Of Simplicity | Fujifilm X-Pro 2

Okinawa Mangroves

You can spend hundreds, or even thousands on landscape photography tutorials, or . . . you can just shoot with Fujifilm.

Here is all I did to get these results.


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