A Potential Game Changer

Another portrait photo taken of my niece in the park. Shot on the legendary Fujifilm X100T.


The Game Changer

So . . . something amazing happened today which may or may not influence how much I’m using my Fujifilm system. The Sony A7rII arrived in my mailbox. 

I know you would think, “oh he’s got the Sony A7rII, why would he need to use Fujifilm?” While it might be true that the Sony A7rII is the last camera you ever might need, I still actually really like shooting with Fujifilm. They feel better in the hand, the color is amazing and they’re all around more fun to use. Especially the X100T. 


What To Look Forward To On This Blog

Having the Sony A7rII will change what I’m posting about slightly over the next few months. There is a lot to talk about with this camera, but . . . I’ll still be shooting and posting photos taken with my XT1 and X100T.

I’ve intentionally kept my lens configurations across my cameras different to force me to use different cameras for different situations. My X100T is my 35mm go to camera. My Sony A7rII is my go to ultra wide landscape camera and my Fujifilm XT1 is my portrait camera with that 56mm lens.

Where most people buy a single camera that can hopefully do everything, I’ve been buying specific cameras to do one specific thing.

While it might sound like I’m some spoiled rich dude who is an idiot, keep in mind, this blog is my profession. I have to buy a lot of crap I don’t need to keep things interesting here.