Sony A7rII Gariz Alcantara Half Case Review

When buying a new camera, I always like to pick up a few accessories to help keep the camera protected. Usually this includes a screen protector and some sort of grip or half case.

When I bought the Sony A7r, I never purchased a case and after about six months I ended up regretting it. The camera took a lot of extra wear that I wasn’t really expecting. Mainly from using tripods.

Now after buying the Sony A7r II, I purchased a Gariz Half Case. The Alcantara model. And here is what I think.


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Gariz Half Case Alcantara With The Sony A7r II

This case also is designed to fit the body of the Sony A7II. It has a metal base with a tripod mounting screw, as well as it’s own hook that can be set up to work as a quick mount for the Gariz leather camera straps. (something I’ve yet to try) Build quality is excellent and it only adds a little extra weight to the camera.

I actually really love these cases on my other cameras. Especially the Fujifilm X100T. It also really helps with the grip on the Fujifilm XT1, but on the Sony A7rII I don’t really love the case like I do with the other cameras. Here are some pros and cons.


Gariz Half Case Pros

  • I really love the extra protection it adds to the camera. Especially the base. If you drop your camera, (which you will) it can provide you with one more layer of protection if the camera lands on the case (which it probably won’t.)
  • It protects the bottom of your camera from being scratched by mounting and unmounting tripod plates over the years.
  • It can add some extra grip and weight to the camera.


Gariz Half Case Cons

  • Because of the sensor on the camera grip, the case can’t really go up far enough to provide you with comfortable grip, making the camera a little awkward to hold. 
  • Adds extra weight to the camera. The Sony A7r II is already heavy.
  • The Alcantara material I feel won’t be as durable as standard leather and it is likely to collect dirt faster. I also personally don’t like the feel of it, but that’s just me.
  • The Black Alcantara case doesn’t really match the camera.


Should You Get The Gariz Half Case For The Sony A7r II?

It’s a tough call. I don’t really love the way it fits and it’s not making it more fun to grip like with my other cameras. Personally, I’m going to continue to use the Gariz half case for the sake of protection, but only because the Sony A7r II is primarily my landscape camera.


Sony A7r II Gariz Alcantara Half Case Review Conclusions

While I do really like these cases, I don’t love it on the Sony A7r II. The Sony A7rII is already a heavy camera and the case makes it even heavier. Pair it will the full frame lens and you’ve got yourself a tank.

I also don’t love the Alcantara material and will be swapping it for black leather. I don’t really like that suede feeling in my hand and I feel the leather will be much more durable. 


Gariz Alcantara Half Case Sample Images

These are all shot with the case on the Sony A7rII. Although the case also works with the Sony A7II.

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