Kaza Deluxe X100T Leather Case Review

X100T Kaza Deluxe Leather Case Review

In my hunt for great accessories for the X100T I think I found my favorite case for the price. The Kaza combo set leather case.

For the photographer that wants to add a classic feel to their camera with a genuine leather case without spending a fortune on a Luigi case, the Kaza leather case does it. It’s has a great handmade feel made from Italian cow leather. It doesn’t feel as bulky or as crafty as the Luigi case but does feel really good in the hand. I might like it more than the Luigi case, especially since it’s a fraction of the price.

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Kaza Deluxe X100T Review

At first I was turned away from this case because I wanted something that could be mounted to my tripod. The Gariz half case for the X100T I still think is best for this since it provides a very solid and secure base for tripod mounts, but I was surprised to see that this case also can work with a tripod if you’re in a bind and need a steady shot.

The strap is nice since it comes as part of the package that matches the leather of the case. It’s well made, and will only get better with time as the leather softens. My favorite strap is probably still the LeicaTime Deluxe strap. My favorite wrist strap is the HardGraft Slide Camera Strap. But neither of those really match this case the way the Kaza strap does, since this strap is part of the bundle.

If you’re looking to deck out your camera with a half case, cover and a strap, this probably gives you the best bang for the buck, and you’re getting an amazing quality product that is handmade in Japan.

Great Job Kaza!

Check out some more photos. The cases also come in various colors but this is the only one I have access to at the moment. It also comes with a full cover but I did not include that in this review since that is something I would never use.

I do not get any money for this review, and I’m not affiliated with Kaza nor do they send me free stuff.