Hard Graft Slide Camera Wrist Strap Review

The Slide Camera Wrist Strap is a new leather strap by Hard Graft designed to comfortably work with your small to midsize mirrorless and rangefinder cameras.

The strap features a metal ring slider that allows it to quickly adjust to your wrist for a secure fit.

I’ve been excited to get this review up because I think it’s a really cool strap that people will really like. I’ll be adding it to all my accessory lists as a strap I can highly recommend. Check out the full review.


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Hard Graft Slide Camera Wrist Strap Review

With my FujiX100T, I’ve been going back and forth between a full strap and a wrist strap trying to decide what is best for this camera. Right now I think it’s working perfect as a wrist strap camera since it’s my around the house camera that I use capture those magical moments.

I currently have a few different wrist straps. I’ve tried the Gariz, the Gordy’s and now this new Hard Graft and I’ll share some quick thoughts on each one.

The Gariz Wrist Strap:  Very nice strap but it has that industrial mass production made in China feel. It ages well but does lose color after awhile since it uses some sort of overly processed leather.

The Gordy’s Wrist Straps:  I still really like mine and would take one over a Gariz. It’s made from really nice leather that gets better with age.

The Hard Graft Slide Wrist Strap. This is probably my favorite strap. It’s more expensive than the other two but a lot classier. It’s definitely worth the extra price you pay since it’s an all around nicer strap. You could say it’s a strapping strap.


Using The Slider Camera Wrist Strap – X100T

I’ve was actually using this strap for a few weeks before doing my review. I wanted to give it some time to get broken-in and this would also allow me to really learn the ins-and-outs.


What Camera Will It Work With?

The Slide Wrist Strap is a little bigger than the other two, making it a nice fit for a medium sized mirrorless camera. I should go very well with any Fujifilm camera and also any Leica rangefinder. It’s even a good fit on the older A7, A7s, and A7r cameras because those were much lighter than the new versions which are now a little too heavy.

I could also see using it with something like a Canon 7DmkII or the Nikon equivalents and any Sony APS-C camera.


Materials And Build Quality

The material and build quality is top of the line, I couldn’t really ask for better. It’s an all around fabulous strap and it makes my Fuji X100T look even more like some fashion accessory.

The strap is long enough to allow yourself to comfortably hold your camera with some room to spare. It is the only strap I own that gives me this comfort.

The strap features a lasso-like loop that allows it to quickly adjust around your wrist. If you allow the camera to hang, it can get pretty tight around your wrist. Not a big deal on lighter cameras, but on a heavy camera the squeeze might be a little uncomfortable for some. 

Now personally, I don’t let my cameras dangle from my wrists unless I’m reaching into my wallet to pay for a coffee or something, so it hasn’t really been an issue from me.

But what’s a bad thing for some might be a good thing for someone else. The fact that it tightens around your wrist when the camera is hanging would mean that there is no way it will accidentally slip off your wrist. Something I’ve had happen before with other straps. So you could say, it’s quick adjusting for a secure fit! 🙂


Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a classy wrist strap to go with your smaller to midsize camera, this is it. The Hard Graft Slide Camera Wrist Strap will make a great Xmas gift to someone you know with a Leica or Fujifilm type camera or it might make a great little present for yourself. I’ve very happy with mine.

Also, if you’re looking for a full strap check out the Hard Graft Re-Process strap.


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