Must Have Accessories For The Fuji X100T & X100s

Fuji X100, X100s & X100T Accessories

A list of a all the best Lens Hoods, Screen Protectors, Cases, Straps, Thumb Grips, Soft Shutters and more. For the Fuji X100T, X100 and X100s.

You can see what accessories I’m using for my X100T in the picture above. I’ve also posted more pictures at the bottom.

I’ve tried out most of these accessories so if you have any questions be sure to leave a comment.


Although most of the same accessories for the X100T work for the X100F, I’m made a new accessories page just for the X100F. The body design has changed as well as the battery.



Camera Body & Basic Accessories


Best Batteries For The Fuji X100T

Here are a few battery options. I have Fuji for the X100T, and the STK, BM and Wasabi for various other cameras. They are all great and all seem to hold a good charge. I know some third party batteries lie about their capacity, but lately the following batteries seem to hold true.

If I had to buy more batteries, this is the order it would go.

Fujifilm NP-95 Li-Ion Battery – 1,800mAh 3.6v


Wasabi Power Battery (2-Pack) – 2,200mAh 3.7v 


Patona – 1,600mAh 3.7v


STK’s Fuji NP-95 Battery – 2,000mAh 3.7v


There is a voltage difference between the original Fuji battery and the 3rd party. It will make a little difference but likely not noticeable. The mAh will represent how much charge it holds, bigger is usually better.

Notes: I’ve had a lot of problems using third party batteries with my Sony A7r. The problem I was having is that the charger kits that come these cheap batteries don’t charge the batteries well, or they charge them too fast resulting in a bad charge. So I would have to charge the 3rd party batteries with the Sony charger or in Camera then everything was good. Luckily the X100T comes with a charger. Thank you Fuji!



Memory Cards

I haven’t really seen a lot of camera savvy technophiles talking about this camera since it seems to attract the hipsters with a little more cash. But from what it seems, this camera does have a memory buffer it is just ridiculously small. I thinking probably about 100MB vs the 500MB Sony puts in there cameras and the 2GB of Leica. In that case you’ll want to get the fastest card possible because you’ll only be able to burst about 5-7 shots before filling your buffer. Then it is all about SD card speeds.

The memory card interface on the X100, X100s and X100t is only UHS-I, so don’t waste your money on a UHS-II card.

See my list and speed tests of memory cards.



Fuji X100T Screen Protectors

The Fuji X-E2 screen protectors work perfectly on the X100T. And I can confirm this. Here are a few.

  • JJC LCP-XE2 Guard – Amazon
  • JJC LCP-XE2 Guard Ultra Hard – Amazon
  • Expert Shield – Amazon
  • Expert Shield Anti Glare – Amazon



Terminal Protectors

If you don’t have a thumb grip or don’t plan on getting one, then the terminal protectors are very nice to use when you’re not using an external flash.

Comes with a Hot Shoe Cover, Sync Terminal Cap & Vertical Grip Cover. Only the Hot Shoe Cover works on this camera.

  • Terminal Protector – Amazon



Soft Release Buttons

FujiFilm X100T Gariz Half-Case

Set up your camera with a soft release button. There are so many options out there it’s hard to decide.

Here are a few popular ones but there are many options besides these. Right now I see a lot of people ordering the 10MM Diameter one probably because they are cheaper, but they do fall off occasionally because they lack a rubber spacer that keeps them from vibrating. The Lensmate has the rubber spacers but are pricey.

I bought the Red Lizard but check out more options here



Thumb Grips

The thumb grips are really nice to secure the camera in hand. The camera already feels solid, but getting one of these just makes the camera feel sooo nice.


Thumb Grips For The Fuji X100T by Lensmate

The Lensmate Thumb Grip For the Fuji X100T are now available. Color on the black version is a bit off. See my Lensmate FujiX100T Thumbrest Review.


Fujifilm X100 & X100S Thumb Grip by Lensmate


Fujifilm X100 & X100s Thumb Grip And Soft Shutter by Fujifilm



Body Cases

X100T Kaza Deluxe Leather Case Review

Kaza Deluxe Leather Case & Strap


Grip Cases

Grip-Case for Fujifilm X100, X100s

JB Camera Designs Bamboo Grip Case For The Fuji X100T



Leather Cases

So far the only case I’ve tested out is the Gariz leather half-case. I really like it. Although it was originally designed for the X100s and X100, it also fits the X100T great.

Gariz Black Leather Half Case

See my full Gariz Leather Half Case Review.


Fujifilm LC-X100S Fitted Brown Leather Case

Fits the X100T also.


Ciesta Genuine Half Case + Leather Strap + Cap

No tripod mount on the bottom.


Kaza Deluxe – Combo Set

See the Kaza Deluxe Review.



Lens Accessories

The Fujifilm X100T has a fixed lens but there are several enhancements availabe as well as lens adapters to change the focal length.


Best UV Filters And Lens Hoods For Fuji X100s, X100T

These are pretty important for a fixed lens camera like this. Especially if you use it while you’re drunk at a party.

You can’t just send your lens in for repair or replace it like you can with an interchangeable.


Filter And Hood Adapters


Fujifilm Lens Hood + Adapter Ring 

Fujifilm finally wised up and started selling these at a reasonable price.  

  • Silver & Black Options Amazon


Fujifilm AR-X100 Adapter Ring 49mm

This is the adapter by Fujifilm. Looks great, comes in silver and black. This is for if you want to just be able to attach filters to your lens. It sticks out slightly so it will provide some sun glare protection, but not as much as with the adapter plus hood. Black & Silver Available.


Fujifilm AR-x100 Adapter Ring 49mm+Lens Hood

Pricey, but you get the official Fujifilm adapter ring plus a lens hood. Black & Silver Available. 


JJC LH-JX100 Lens Hood/Adapter Ring

JJC has two versions of this now, the JX100 and the JX100II. The JX100 lens hood opens fanning out. the JX100II hood folds on. The JX100II lets you use the Fujifilm lens cap.

If you don’t use the lens hood and want to just attach a UV filter, either choice will work.


JJC LH-JX100 II Lens Hood/Adapter Ring

I actually ordered the JX100 for my X100F and got the II. Not sure if they discontinued to standard version.


Fotasy X100KT 49mm Metal Filter Adapter + Hood + Filter
This is a nice lens hood as well. This is actually what I bought for my X100T. It comes with a filter that will probably fall apart on you after a month like mine did. Consider order a good UV filter with this.



UV Filters

Personally usually by B+W. They have Multi-Coated Nano UV filters now that seems to stay clean a little better, but they are often more expensive.


B+W 49mm Clear UV Haze with Multi-Resistant Coating

B+W are the best. Made by the Germans.


Hoya 49mm HMC UV Multi-Coated Slim Frame Glass Filter

You know who else makes good stuff? The Japanese.



Fujifilm X100T Lens Converters


There are new versions of these conversion lenses. I’m not yet sure if they work on the X100T or X100s.

Fujifilm TCL-X100 1.4x Conversion 50mm Equivalent

See the TCL X100 Tele Conversion Review


Fujifilm WCL-X100 Wide Conversion Lens 0.8x 28mm Equivalent



Camera Straps

Fuji X100F With Hard Graft Slide Camera Wrist Strap


Camera Wrist Straps

It’s getting to that point where I need to make a dedicated page just for all the great straps I’ve found. I’ll likely do that next year, so if you’re on my Fuji newsletter (down below) I’ll send that out when it’s ready. Expect it to be very cool and thorough.   There are several wrist straps I’ve tried now, the Gariz, the Gordy’s and now the Hard Graft Slide. I’ll give a little bit of information about each one.  


Gariz Genuine Leather Camera Wrist Strap

If you want a really simple wrist strap the Gariz is great. I have a few and have had them for years. Some of them are really beat up but still hold together well. The colors do fade after awhile. They do have that sort of mass produced made in China feel to them, but they’re still very durable and well made.


Gordy’s Camera Straps

Gordy’s makes some great full straps as well as leather wrist straps. If I had to pick I would take a Gordy’s over the Gariz since they are both a similar price. The Gordy’s strap has more of a handcrafted feel, where as the Gariz feels a bit more China made / mass produced.


Hard Graft Slide Camera Wrist Strap

Although more expensive, this is a far superior strap to the other two and is my personal favorite. This strap is simply beautiful. It’s very well built with a handcrafted feel and is made with some really great leather. I wrote up a small review on this strap you can read about – Hard Graft Slide Camera Strap Review

They’ve been discontinuing a lot of their camera straps. Get them while you can.



Full Strap

I’ve found some really nice leather straps that would go very well with the Fuji X100F. Check these out. They’re a bit expensive but it’s genuine leather and should last you a lifetime if you take care of it.

I’m actually also working on my own brand of leather straps. They will be very cool. Join the newsletter if you want updates on that.

  • HardGraft – (Instant Camera Strap– Most of their straps are probably too bulky for this little camera.
  • LeicaTime Straps – ( – This is the strap I use in the first photo of this post.
  • Gariz Leather Straps – (Amazon) – Cheap China made stuff. They’re not bad though.


Strap Accessories

You can also get a similar product from Black Rapid, but I really like the C-Loop Mini for this smaller camera.

  • C-Loop Camera Strap Mount – Amazon There is a new C-Loop mini that might work nice with the Fuji strap.
  • C-Loop Mini – Amazon



Camera Bags

I use the Mover 20 for this camera. It allows me to fit the camera and a conversion lens. You could probably get away with the 10 as well.


Think Tank Mirrorless Mover 10


Think Tank Mirrorless Mover 20


I don’t have very many cases but there are a few that have caught my eye. Check out the HardGraft Box Camera Case.

Ona also has some great stuff here on Amazon



Electronic Accessories

Flashes For The X100F

Fujifilm has been updating their camera flashes. I’ll list them all soon.

Fujifilm EF-X20


Fujifilm EF-20




Instax Portable Printer

Something you can easily fit in your bag. It syncs straight to your camera without a hassle and can print instant film on the fly. Cool for parties or something where you want to leave behind some retro prints. 



Cleaning Supplies

I like to own a lot of micro fiber cloths because they eventually collect oils from your fingers or from whatever is left on the lens and I consider them disposable.

I’ve owned several Rocket Airs now and they are great. I keep losing them for some reason.


(6 Pack) MagicFiber® Premium Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

I always keep a Rocket Air around to blast out any dust from those small hard to reach edges. Q-tips can be nice. I’m sure you have some in your bathroom so I’m not going to list Q-Tips on a camera accessory page.


Rocket Air Small


Rocket Air Medium


Fujifilm X100F with the Gordy’s Wrist Strap


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