Ox Wagons Of Okinawa Japan

First off I gotta say, Okinawa is pretty cool. I feel like it's one of those places you have to go to or at least try to at some point in your life.

The whole time I was there I kept thinking I was in Hawaii but then nobody spoke english. Except it's not an annoying tourist trap like Hawaii is. This place is still pretty rural with amazing culture. Although hospitality sucks compared to mainland Japan. Okinawans are little bitches. That part reminds me of Hawaii. 😉

I was born in Hawaii so I get to trash talk it. And I'm going next week btw so the photo stream here on my blog should get interesting. 

The Ox Wagons – Iriomote Island of Okinawa Japan

These were the wagons of Iriomote Island. You pay a few bucks and you can ride across the water to Yuba Island, a small paradise garden.

For this shot I used my Sony A7r with the Canon 24-70mm lens. F7.1, ISO 100, and 1/80 shutter. Processed with some new presets of mine. 

I also had to get a new Macbook Pro recently as my old one had a dead logic board. I have to say, the PCI-E memory in these things makes photo editing ridiculously fast. It's so nice and responsive. All of Lightrooms issues with being slow are gone.

While waiting to take a trip across the water in one of these wagons, I was able to snap a few quick shots.


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